Granite Legacy: Chapter 1

Inside the Library I started googling missing person in as many databases I could remember (odd, why did I remember things like that but not my name?), but no luck. Noone seemed to miss a rather lost blond with two leftfeet. I soon gave up and started using the wordprocessor of the computor instead. It was that story about a fly that seemed to buzz so annoyingly loud in my head. Maybe if I got it written down my  overcrowded brain would get a break and start to remembering the important stuff?


-What ya doin? A boy more or less the sam   e age as I was looked over my shoulder.

-A short novella. About a fly that can not sleep. A childrens piece…

I crinched since I heard how silly it sounded when I said it. It had definitely sounded better in my head!  But to my astonishment, the guy did not laugh. He introducedi himself as Scott and came over to my side and continued reading.

-You are good! he said enthusiasticly and asked me to join me on the sofa. Have you ever considered becoming an author? Publish a book? If you want a foot in I know this guy that…


And just like that I had got a an employment on the local copyright firm. At least one thing that worked like a charm! The rest of my life was a mess though. Having no home I was forced to sleep on benches in the park.


Having no stove I had to go through other peoples garbage for food.


I might not have any memory of who I was. But I was sure that memoryloss or not: This was not one of my most glorious moments in life! But I pulled through, with basicly one single loop of thought playing over and over: WHO THE HE_ was I?


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