The Granite Legacy: Introduction


Hi! My name is Fanny. But Fanny is of course not my real name. Truth be told – I do not remember my real name… The earliest I can remember is that I woke up just outside the library of Willow Creek, with the worst headache of a hangover you could imagine. The only belongings I seemed to own was the clothes on my body and one sim-dollar. You can not get very far on that. In one of my pockets in my trousers I found a washtag with a adress to a place called Granite Falls stamped on it. Which gave me the idea to my new name: Fanny Granite. It felt right on the tip of my tongue, but a part of me just could not stop wondering about my real name….



I always found the statue – rule in the normal Legacy rules quite silly. And quite soon I started pondering: Is it possible for a sim to survive without a bed and a fridge without walls? With just  one dollar in the pocket? So I made my own adjustments to the rules (this was before I knew there was something called the Rosebud Challenge). These first chapters is a translation from the Swedish version of this Legacy that I posted on the best little the sims forum in this part of the galaxy thesims.ifokus! The rules is somewhat like a normal Legacy, but take away the statue, enter a moneycheat and add part of the Rosebud-rules:


The foundation is the same as a normal Legacy – to create a young adult and let hir be the founder of a 10 generation sim-legacy. This is the differences though:

  1. After the 50 X 50 plost is bought I will use a money-cheat to minimize the amount of money to  $1.
  2. Up til my sim have earned enough money to buy a tent or to build a house, she has to sleep/nap wherever she can. Parkbenches, sofas, at freinds or not at all… Maxium of naps/day: 3!
  3. When a Sim moves in or marries my founder I want to use common sense. If possible, let the groom bring whatever he or she can, but not let it go overboard. I have to keep it sensible.
  4. Children have the right to grow up with a roof over their head. Hence, children can only be born or adopted if a prope house is built!


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