Granite Legacy: Chapter 2

But how strange it may sound – despite hard benches, grouse sofas, and a very simplified menu, there were some routines. If nothing else a tad odd: How normal is it really to stay the night with someone you just met AND not share the bed with the same? Or to eat old picknick food that just barely turning bad?



But hard work payed off! Soon I got my very first salary and with those money burning in my pockets I went to the first place that came to mind: Granite Falls! Would I finally find out who I was?



Of course I knew that with my very poor salary and the minimal income I got from publishing some novellas I really could not afford this. But there were things that were more important: Like a bowl of yoghurt (including in the cabin rent) and not least – a freshly made bed! Water and bread here I come!



With a full stomach for the first time in I could not remember how long and well rested as well I realised that I had travelled to Granite Falls with no plan what so ever. Oooops!  What on earth had I been thinking? That memories would be coming flying back just like that? When I was looking at the map over the wide area that was Granite Falls I started to wondering if I had taken on more than I could chew. Granite Falls was huge!


And the locals was not of much help either.


But I had to come up with something and that SOON! Because I was for sure no girl-scout!



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