Granite Legacy: Chapter 3

Nope, I was not the best fitted to live in the wilderness. What I was though was a natural storyteller on the paper. After a couple of self-published articles and a few very hyped blogposts I was contacted by an alternative publsiher. She became all flames and fire when she heard about my background and started to represent me immediately. If it was her being pushy, or my raw talent I do not know, but fairly soon I started to earn pretty more money writing than before.  Enough to buy a tent so that I did not have to sleep on benches anymore. Enough so that I cout start coming back to Granite Falls on a more regular basis.  And although I could not yet afford a toilet I had been able to invest in some seeds on sale. So now I had my own kitchen-garden, without the kitchen that is!



It was during one of my regular weekend-visits I ran into Patrik Falk.


He was there with his roomies and had rented a cabin a bit higher up in the woods. That afternoon my plan had been to localise the legendary hermit and guardian of the forest. But that did not happen. Instead I found myself staying put at the campfire talking and talking some more with Patrik.


It felt  odd to meet someone who with I clicked so hard with immediately. Someone who laughed at my (bad) jokes, liked the same old classic books as I did and it felt like, even if I could not remember anything else, had known him all my life. When my mini-vacation was over we had become really good freinds and I had even managed to steal a kiss from him!


The upcoming week I did not get much writing done at the library. I just sat there staring dreamingly into the screen with a happy smile on my lips…..



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