Granite Legacy: Chapter 4

I knew we had no future. How could we? How could someone as amazing like him love someone like me? Someone without a past? Someone living in a tent? How could I even consider it? Thus, was my weekend with Patrick a highly treasured memory, more and more like an old faded photo. More so than a reality that I ever had hoprs of repeating, So I was totally taken by surprise when my cell rang and I heard his voice at the other end:

-Hi Fanny!


Its Patrick Falk from Granite Falls, Do you remember me?

-Eeeeeh? Say what? Yes. Yes of course I remember you!

-You know what, I had such a lovely time last time and I remember you telling me you lived near Oasis Springs (A small white lie I had told him, to keep my secret safe). The thing is, I am coming to OS on buisness on a client meeting next week.  And I wondering if you would like to have dinner with me?


-Hello? Are you still there? You have not fainted have you?

-No. I mean yes! Of course I will have dinner with you!

His warm laughter rippled like tiny bubbles in my veins and suddenly I knew tat after today, nothing would be the same again!

-Good! Its a date then! I see you outside at seven o’clock?

 The evening turned out to be close to Divine. The dress I was wearing was a dress I had found cheap at a second hand shop. We ate some amazing food (his firm paid apparently),
, laughed and flirted.

When the evening was over I knew the inevitable had happened: I was in love! Where I was sitting alone in my bus-seat on my way home to my empty tent I also knew that my heart had been broken into a thousand pieces. At home, in the small grove, in the empty, cold tent it took an unsually long time for me to fall asleep. And I woke  up early in the morning from someone pulling the zipper to the tent up from the outside…….



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