Granite Legacy: Chapter 5


-And that is basicly the sad and depressing story. I neither do not remember who I am or where I am coming from, nor do I really have any future to offer you. But I have my heart and that is beating strong for you. Even if we never can be together…

– What on earth are you talking about darlin’ ? This is so perfect as it can be! Mark and Cody are truly getting on my nerves and I have pondered the idea of moving out for several weeks now. I also felt for the longest time it is time to start living a simpler, more minimalistic life.  I am yours! If you would have me that is?

2015-03-08_03-40And that basicly settled it. From that day on Patrick moved into my small grove. He shared my tent and he shared my garden….


In fact he some days spent more of his free time after work with what had fast become HIS garden than with me. But I let him be because I saw that it made him happy and the produce also gave us some extra income when we best needed it. He had had a pretty decent career before. But moving cross country had forced him to start all over again at the bottom of the feeding chain.


I do not know where on earth he found his time for the garden and building things (like an outdoor shower) that wastly improved our living standards. But he did. And he also took the time to woo me properly. At least a couple times a week. Could I ask for more?


I knew that living like we did, little sleep, bad nutrients and a stressful life in general was not good for the fertility. I knew that. But still, when my period was late I started to feel a spark of … Well, not really hope, I did not allow myself that luxury. A spark of a silverlining perhaps? And when the pregnancy-test gave a negative result I was surprised for the wave of sorrow that flooded through me.

2015-03-09_20-22But Patrick, my sweet Patrick who knew me as well as anyone could I guess, he knew how to cheer me up. Late that same evening he came over to me with an pink envelope. Inside was two tickets to a first class trip back to Granite Falls for a weekend all inclusive.

-Oh, baby you do know me so well, I whispered in his ear.

A corner of my heart was still blue and sad. But I knew that come hail come snowstorms, our love would survive. And babies or no babies, we will always be togeter. Together, facing the future, whatever that may bring!

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