Granite Legacy: Chapter 6

2015-03-09_21-52So, I had this idea that our trip to Granite Falls (or first as a couple) would be totally serene and uneventful.


2015-03-09_20-24-2Well I was wrong….


2015-03-09_20-29I have to admit it was more than a little bit embarressing that I managed to set the stove on fire! Luckily our travel-ensurance coverered that.


2015-03-09_21-47A couple of mornings later I started to feel really nauseated by several distinct scents. Patriks amazing Mac ‘n Cheese for example.




2015-03-09_21-44At first, I did not dare to hope, but a couple of days later I took the pregnancytest I had bought in the local giftshop. It was POSITIVE! When I told Patrik he was overjoyed and actually asked me to marry him there and then.

2015-03-10_09-02-3The ceremony was a small and private one in our own garden, but none the less powerful.


2015-03-10_09-25And while I was going through our fridge (yes all of a sudden we have a fridge!) it felt like Patrik got down to it and built us a home!


2015-03-10_09-30It was not a big house, not with a lot of luxourious things in it. But it had walls, a roof and a door and most importantly: It was OURS! Did I mention that Patrik was a good, good man….? <3


2015-03-10_12-03The pregnacy in itself felt very much like a rite of passage for the both of us. We did not have much money to mark it with. But we did at least get a make-over both of us showing the crossover to adulthood.

2015-03-10_12-08Besides that, my pregnancy was fairly uneventful. I slept a lot and Patrik worked a lot. We could not afford to replace broken items (espeially expensive ones like the computor. So Patrik did his best to repair them instead.

2015-03-10_12-24I went in labour early one morning just after I had posted yet another draft to my publisher. The pain was really, really unconfortable! Especially knowing that this could take a while!


2015-03-13_11-49-2But our little silverlining, Fredrik he had other ideas. He did not want to wait for the ambulance and was born at home just a few hours later. Luckily everything went well, although Patrik fainted a couple of times…


2015-03-14_07-00It was not easy to see when he was a wee baby, but as a child it was obvious that he had inhereted my colours, but Patriks features!


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