Granite Legacy: Chapter 7

From the start Fredrik turned out to be very interested in books and the written language. He devoured books and homework in an equal measure and was more keen on staying indoors with his books than being out in the park. Patrick and I let him be, since we both could not see there  would be any harm in kindling your interest for knowledge.

2015-03-14_16-14We had one rule though that we were very stern on: Come hail or snowstorms: Fredrik needed to spend at least one morning or afternoon in the weekend before he could return home to his beloved books and experiments. It was during one of these “punishments” that he met Robin. One early May-morning he passed the bench where Fredrik were sittin suling.

-Hi! Have you swallowed a frog or something?

-What? You can’t swallow an entire frog! Did you not know that they can be poisonous?

-Cooool! Want to cloudgaze?

2015-03-14_16-16And that was basicly it. From that day on Robin and Fredrik was partners in crime. Not that they were too much of mischieves at all. They were more of the philosophical sort. They helped each other out in school and spent hours and hours deeply debating if the cloud up in the sky was more looking like a dragon or a ferriswheel.


2015-03-14_16-21To one extent it was heartbreaking to see Fredrik growing up so fast. It felt like yesterday he was just a wee baby in my arms. But one of the good things that came out of it was the fact that he became more independent and I got more free time over. One of my new hobbies that I started were boxing. It gave me a really good cardio release and workout, at the same time as I got more visibly toned. Not to forget that the exercise helped me stay more focused and energized as I was writing!


But despite my furious work regimen I started to feel so totally drained and just out of synch a couple of weeks later. At first I thought I was just overworked and needed to decrease my workload a little bit. But then I started doing the math:

-Dead tired, nausea in the morning, an accute sense of smell for specific scents…..

2015-04-01_13-21That evening I asked Patrik out to his favorite part of our home: The Garden.

-Honey, there is something I need to talk to you about. I don’t know how to say this…. Well, maybe you should sit down?

-Sit down? Whats wrong Fanny? Has something happened to Fredick? Is he ill? Are you ill?

-No, no, nothing like that. We are both well. Really well in fact. But you are right that I have been feeling a little bit green in the morning. But that is just as it should be.

All in all, I felt like he took it really well. He did not faint at least. As a matter of fact, he was overjoyed! And all evening he could not stop smiling. Thats the great man I have: Always seeing the good in people and looking on the bright side!



Unfortunately did not Fredrik take the news equally well. It is safe to say that he became very distrought when Patrick told him that he was going to become a big brother: -No! NO WAY! I do not want you and mom to have more babies! They scream, poop all day long and you will not have time with me anymore! Just see what happened to Leslies parents! They got another kid and then her father left her mother – with another woman….!

2015-04-06_18-45-2I have to admit that I really do not know what Patrick said or did that day, when he took Fredrik to private excursion (“Just for us men” he explained and winked at me) the next Saturday, but when they came back Fred was all sunshine and looked quite smug to be honest. But from that day things changed quite a lot around home. Instead of being a cranky,¬† moody tweeny he started to take part in my developing pregnancy. Did I say that I love that man? <3

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