Granite Legacy: Chapter 8


-What are you carrying in there? Twins? Or maybe an elephant?

-Who are you calling fat….?!?! I could feel my blood preassure rising and pregnancy hormones raging.

-No, no of course not love. you are thin as a stick… I mean….

I laughed a kind of exhausted, but expectant laugh.

– No worries darling. I know what you mean. I AM larger now than with Fredrik and they say that may indicate a multiple birth. But you never know for sure. It may just be that I am larger now due to this being my second pregnancy and all. We just have to wait and see!

2015-04-13_15-41-2  D-day, as in delivery day came faster than any of us had expected. Just a few days later my water broke when I was making dinner and I had to be rushed to the hospital. When I arrived the contractions were whery stong, painfully and extremly close together. I realised that I had been lucky that I had managed to get to the hospital at all….


But finally registered at the reception and just a few hours after we arrived and I had met my midwife Emma was born without complications.


And so was Linn as well. It turned out that Patrick had been right: It was twins not an elephant!


Being a parent of three all of a sudden was very draining. But as much as I could I really tried to get some big-boy-time with Fredrick and he really seemed to appreciate as well. As the months passed and became years it felt like we were growing closer than ever. But still, it felt at times as I did not know him at all….


He was a very ambitious young boy and spent many, many hours  staying late after school. I could not help to wonder if it was because he was very disciplined and had a set goal or if it was that he did not feel at home and appreciated in our tiny cabin where so of our attention had to go to the twins naturally.

2015-04-14_19-42But as they say: “This shall too pass” and very soon Emma and Linn were growing up from babies to young children. Emma took after me in her features with her long blonde hair. Whereas although Linn had long hair as I did, the reast of her looks and colours were from Patrick.

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    • Oh thank you very much for the honor! I am flattered! ?✨
      Did I understand it correctly – do YOU too have trouble logging in on simswriters? I got a letter saying that I was blocked but I dont know why…?

      • Oh — Did you get blocked from Simswriters too?? I wonder if somehow everyone got blocked?

        I’ve been trying to figure out how on earth I managed to get blocked. The last comment I left was on your blog there, which seems pretty inoffensive.

        • Dito, the only thing even remotely close to offensive I have done is writing on my blog that my legacy may have a more mature storyline. But I have not yet published anything and I assume it would be without the guidelines as long as it is done tastefully. Will write admin when I get back home after work. Let me know if you hear something before that, OK?

  1. Awww…twin! I love twins 🙂

    Well, I love one set per generation. After that it’s too much!

    They’re cute. I can’t wait to see them as they age up more!

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