Granite Legacy: Chapter 9

2015-04-16_09-06Our twins were very different: Emma and Linn, dark and light, the creative versus the social butterfly. Although twins they had their own unique way to solve problems they encountered.2015-04-16_09-19-2

Linn, not very patient when it came to waiting for her turn used her wits and creativity to distract her opponent…..


….just to move their pieces when they were not looking! 2015-04-16_09-11-2  Emma on the other hand, she loved to talk to everyone about mostly everything. She was so open and generous with herself that it sometimes scared me. What if she one day talked to or were too open to the wrong person? But for now, she was OK.

2015-04-16_12-16As open she was towards other people. I could not but help observing that she still was very private. Some days I think her big play–stuffed animal Mrs Rabbita heard more about her life than me and Patrik ever did…

2015-04-16_12-19But at least they had each other. Although they were both physically and emotional  very different (born from two eggs as they were) the psychic link between them was very strong and they were not only siblings and sisters, but soulmates too.


2015-04-16_09-25As time went on, it became distraughtingly obvious that our little small cottage, however dear to us no longer were appropiate for a family of five. So Patrik started to put some extra hours in at work so that we could save up some extra cash for the necessary modifications. And since he rarely was at home anymore I was the one that was given the task to tell the kids about it:

-Guys, you know how you father and I have been very busy lately…?

-Yeah, noone have been able to help with my algebra! said Linn accusingly.

-Uhuu, and I have noone to talk to, Emma said quietly

– More TV and games for me! said Fredrik

-Yes, yes and you father and I are very sorry for that. But it is because we had to save some extra money for a really good thing. We are building a new home for us!

2015-04-16_12-13-Is it true? Will I get my own room and not have to share with the double-dorks?

-Fredrik Allan Bo Granite! Mind your language please! But I could not help but smile at him. Because I knew he had been frustrated for quite some time now having to share room with his younger siblings. So I let him be. And I knew….

….no I hoped that everything would work out none the less. He was my darling baby boy, but at times he showed a darker, broodier streak. I could only hope that all the love me and Patrik tried to give him would overbridge that and take him through it.



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