Granite Legacy: Chapter 14

 Excerpt from a forum-conversation:

EmmaRocks: OMFG! My life is shattered. Totally destroyed. I am heartbroken! 🙁 🙁

LostSoul75: Whats wrong Emma?

MargioldGoesGreen: ???

EmmaRocks: I just found out that my Mom passed away today…………………………..

LostSoul75: <3 So, so sorry for your loss! <3 Do you want to talk about it?

MarigoldGoesGreen: That really suck!!!

EmmaRocks: They say it was a heartatack. That it was nothing neither of us could have forseen. Just like turning off a lightswitch the doctors said. You know what the worst thing is though? It happened when my parents were out on a date together. My father wanted to celebrate my mothers passage into crone-age and had taken her out to a romantic dinner.


2015-06-04_17-27 2015-06-04_17-30EmmaRocks: Apparently, my father had just went out to wave over a cab for the two of them to ride home in together after a really successfull dinner. Witness have said that she just fell down on the stonefloor. Her last words were apperently: “So it is YOU!” What that could have meant?  My dad litterally missed her last breath with seconds. I think that whats hurts the most. They never got the chanse to say goodbye.  It is true what they say: In the end you always dies alone.




Transcript of EmmaRocks vlog  a few weeks later:

EmmaRocks: Everyone handles grief in their own way, I get it.

2015-06-16_08-58But does not mean that everyone handles it well. Take my so-far-just-barely-functioning-but-rootless family. After the short funeral (where only the family attended) everything started to spiral from bad to worse. My dad, my handsome, funny-going, kind dad who to start with had allready been older than my mother seemed to age over night. He started to behave sleep much more, be irrational. stopped talking to us for days in a row, but instead talked even more to his priceless plants in his backyard garden.

2015-06-16_10-26Linn, on the other hand started to be more present instead. More present that is in that she started to do some things more. More focus on keeping clean….

2015-06-16_09-12…. more focus on how many calories went through her system (Have to admit that I loved her green salads)…..

2015-06-03_06-29…and not to forget more focus on her training. Always training. At times it almost seemed obsessive.

In a way everyone seemed to be more of what was their most obvious trait. Take my dear brother Fredrik for example.

2015-06-06_17-20. He definitely started to be more of the ass I always knew he had been!

2015-06-07_07-32A very charming ass, I admit that. But still very emo.

2015-06-07_07-53Robin, well, just let me say that he must have had the patience of a mountain enduring all of the flamboyant gestures coming from Fredrik when the cocktail of hormones and emotions rages through my  brothers  veins. I really do hope Fredrik’s behaviour is not the drop that makes the mountain start to crumble…

What about me then?

2015-06-16_09-28-2Well, there are days when it feels like my entire world is imploding onto me.

2015-06-15_17-53-2Other days, I almost feel like an normal teenager again. Laughing, socializing and forgetting all the bad things that happened around me.

2015-06-16_09-47YOLO – You Only Live Once, somebody once told me. And that is my intention and manifesto. One breath at a time, one day at a time!

-End transcript-




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    • I was going for the perfect photo on the passage-over date between Fanny and Patrik and had to age herby force. And then BOOOM! Literally 5 minutes later I got the announcement: “Fanny have lived a long life….” I was tempted to re-do but as said, decided to roll with it instead.

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