Still Here….

Just wanted my readers to know that I am still here. The Granite – Legacy is still on. But a few weeks ago the game itself through me a curve-ball that I in my wildest dreams could not have imagined. At first I thought I would do a reload. But then I decided to roll with it to see where it was going. It left me with the delicate question about how to weave it into the story, how many “rules” to break Challenge-wise. Not that I followed so many of them anyways, but there has to be an order of sorts….. And then the announcement of Newscrest came and my creative juices got flowing both in mind and fingers. Which turned out to actually be a good thing since the creative block that had stopped me before loosened its grip a tiny, tiny bit. So, soon hopefully Chapter 14 will be up too. Fingers crossed. At least there will be an awesome new neighbourhood!

Thank you for being patient and thank you for reading!

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