HEIR VOTE! – Generation 1 – CLOSED!!!!

So, as Generation 1 draws to its close it is time for an heir vote!

Who will be the one carrying their genes over to the next generation? Worth mentioning may be that there is quite an age gap between Fredrik and his sisters and their father quite elderly. So if he is not chosen, he may stick around for a while anyway.


  • Bookworm
  • Outgoing
  • Depressed


ChildAspiration: WhizKid, TeenAspiration: Enemy of the World and AdultAspiration: NerdBrain

Promised to Robin

Career: Doctor

As a child he was spoild rotten by his parents and became quite grumpy when he became a big brother. But in the end he loved his sisters dearly. His teen years  were spent in the sign of rebellion where he was very expressive with his emotions. But when he realised that  the emotions he had for his childhood freind Robin was more than just freinship everything changed. As his life were thrown into utterly chaos just before he became an adult Fredrik developed a severe case of depression only held above surface by his love Robin and his love for helping people.



  • Music Lover
  • Loner
  • Romantic


ChildAspiration: SociallButterfly TeenAspiration: BodyBuilder AdultAspiration: Soulmates (Romantic)

Career: Policewoman

As a young child she was a true chatter box who loved listening to music (although not to her sisters horrific murder of the violin). As a young teenager though she struggles with her self image and when her mother dies she is thrown into chaos and is grasps after some order and control. She finds it the control over her body and starts almost obsessively train her body and diet. Always comparing herself to her beutiful blonde sister Emma. All the while she dreams about meeting her true love and building a big happy family. But who would want her – so big and ugly?


  • Creative
  • Loner
  • Cheerful


ChildAspiration: ChildWhiz, TeenAspiration: Computer Whiz AdultAspiration: Serial Romantic

Career: Gamer/Videostore owner

Never the serious one, always trying to find a way to hack life (and computors). She thrives in the fact that boys has a hard time wrapping their head around  that she is a damn good hacker AND a girl at the same time! She has a vivid online presence with an active vlog as well as a twitter acount under the name EmmaRocks. Her motto is: YOLO (You only live once) and she works hard to enforce that motto everyday focusing on having fun and the good in life. Still though, she has the lingering trouble with understanding the social interactions around her. She prefers her alonetime in front of the computor.

So there they are! Fanny’s beutiful children (Oh well Ptrik might have played a role in it as well)! Time to vote! Read through the entire story and vote by character or just by looks, as long as you VOTE. Because I really can not decide….

Granite Legacy – Heir Vote Generation 1!


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