Granite Legacy – Chapter 15

2015-06-16_10-53Although the years really showing and Patrik became more and more irrational for each day that passed, when Fredriks passover day to an young adult neared he seemed to live up. Yes, he even made a delicious birthdaycake. Made of hamburgermeat not whipped cream and chokolat though.

2015-06-16_10-58But Fredrik did not seem to mind!

2015-06-18_17-12-2Fredrik graduated highschool with all A’s and since he always wanted to help people he started an internship at the local hospital.

2015-06-16_18-33He started of at the bottom as a medical assistant. A lot of beds that needed to be set, patients that needed to be fed and eyes that needed a checkup. He was not yet ready for doing his own diagnosis, but he seemed to be a natural.2015-06-18_21-10-4It was after one of his days at work he found his father on the ground at his beloved garden. A strange glow around him.

Son, Patrick croaked with a hoarse voice. It’s time….


-NO! Who do you think you are you big black bully! You will NOT take our father away and make us orphans! You will not!!! Emma was furious and let the Grim really have it.

2015-06-18_21-15-2And believe it or not. The Reaper seemed to listen and take pitty over the very determined young woman. Thus he waved his scythe and tablet and all of a sudden their father was returned from the dead.

2015-06-18_20-28-Oh dad! I am so glad that you are back! Linn threw herself in her fathers arms.

-Me too little Rabbit. Me too. But you know it is just for a borrowed set of time, don’t you? But Mr Reaper has given me an unque opportunity to make sure that all my doings and buisnesses are in order before I am gone for good. And that all my children are OK and taken care of. You are OK, aren’t you?

2015-06-18_17-27-I am fine dad! I promise! I have started a new training program. I go to the gym…..

2015-06-19_09-17….I drink plenty of fluids…..

2015-06-18_20-54-2…and I am very careful with how many calories I eat each day. So yes. I am just fine! Don’t you worry! I will do just OK!

-Glad to hear that my daughter. It gives these old bones solace.

2015-06-18_21-43Shortly after that afternoon the Grim Reaper came for the third time around for the Granite Household and this time no pleas in the world would help them keep Patrick among the living. But many years after Linn would swear that she had seen that her mother had come beyond the heavens to guide her husband to the Everlasting Green Land.


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