Granite Legacy: Chapter 16

2015-06-18_21-30-You know it is so cool!


– I mean, a girl playing a loladin. For REAL! I mean….

-It’s called PALADIN

-Yeah, whatever. Still, do you play a male avatar so that you can look at his ass all day long?

– I play a female dwarf. She is wearing a beard.

-Oh…2015-06-18_21-36-3 – OK, so Alexwas not the sharpest knife in the toolbox, but he made her laugh. Challenged her to take amazing selfies and held the key to the guild vault. What else could a girl wish for really?

2015-06-18_21-35  Well, that he was dead sexy and got her blood boiling as well as letting their fooling around forget a little bit about her own pain and the loneliness she was living in the middle of her family was not  bad either….2015-06-19_08-34

But when she got home and stand in he shower all those feelings came back once more and she felt the despair flood over her. She felt so cheap and as such a fake. But she still did not know how to stop it. It gave her a sense of confirmation that she no longer could get from her parents. But the more she  hunted for acknowledgement. The more she needed. It was the same game with her programming and gaming. She took it as a challenge into how far she could go, how high up security code she could crack before getting caught.But when done, she felt no accomplishment, just hollow.

2015-06-19_08-30It seemed so easy for her sister Linn. Yes, she was totally obsessed with getting skinny and all those things. But she was so much better on pushing her emotion to the side, lower her head and continue head on. God only knew what could be found on the inside…


Emma was not good at repressing anything really, she just let her frustration and sadness take a different expression. In this case the always happy, cheerful blond who rather spent time around guys instead of having a lot of girlfreindsd. Or even better – spending time ahead of the computor screen.

Transcript of EmmaRocks vlog:

2015-06-19_07-20Today I saw something that I guess was not supposed to see. Or at least I wished that I had not seen it: Robin reading love poetry for my romantic fool of a brother. *Shudder*

2015-06-19_07-22-2I know that I should have really turned away and let them have their very private moment …. well…. private. But it just was so perfect. Robin proposing to the love of his life at this very special place. Because it is not the place where our parents are buried. It is also the place where my father proposed to my mother!


2015-06-19_07-22-5 Aaaaww, they were just so sweet. Fredrik have been so down lately. Blaming himself for the death of his father. Hopefully planning a big church wedding will keep his mind of the sad memories. And in time I hope I will be the one telling you that they are living “Happily Ever After”.

-End Transcript-

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