Granite Legacy: Chapter 17


The Wedding between Fredrik and Robin took place soon after  at a beutiful medieval chapel, that have seen many couple pledge eternal love and harmony. But not likely none as handsome as the two grooms.

-You know, my love I always thought that not having my parents here on this day would make it less perfect. But now, standing here with you I realize it is a true blessing. Because now I know that when they come and visit two angels will come and give their blessings…

-When I first met you I was not happy. I was sulky and and whiney as a matter of fact. But you found a way to make me smile. And you have kept me happy and smiling ever since. For that I will love you for ever and back Fredrik Allan Bo Granite! <3 <3 <3

2015-06-19_09-51After the cermony Robin and Fredrik invited the guests (who was their nearest and closest freinds) to a big party in the courtyard of the church. Emma seemed to enjoy it royally, but Linn felt very uncomfortable.

2015-06-19_09-53But although it was great fun seeing her big brother getting hitched, Emma soon started to get restless. Luckily Cwas there and it did not take long until she had convinced him to live the party for some other undefined place away from there.


No! Dont be such a jerk. Take your hands of off me!

-Come on! Don’t be a bore… I just want to feel a little skin, just a little?!

-No! No hands, I told you allready! I am not that kind of girl. Now just kiss me, will you?


2015-06-19_22-10The next morning Emma and Linn met in the kitchen.

-Sooo,how was your evening Linn? Emma asked with the curiosity of a squirell. Did you meet anyone special?

-I guess it was OK. Nothing special. Just a bit crowded for my taste thats all. So how about you? Where did you go after the cermony?

-No, no! Do not think for a minute that you will escape that easily dear Sis! I saw how you were staring this Sean guy down all night. Whats that all about?

-Well… I…. Ehhhm Linn blushes.

-Wait a minute! You are blushing! My cold, aloof big-sister have finally fallen for someone!

-NO! Yes.. I mean….

2015-06-21_13-42-So, Sean this is my big sister Linn. She is in to all kind of weird stuff. But most of all she loves to work out. You like to work out don’t you Sean?

-Em-ma! Do – not – em-barr-ess – me! Linn hisses between her clench teeth.

-What? What did I do? I just introduced the two of you otherwise nothing would ever happen!


-You have to excuse my sister. She can be a moroon at times. A noosy moroon. Hi! I am Linn.

-Hi Linn, I am Sean. So you like to work out?


2015-06-23_07-47-2-Hi Emma! Looking good! I thought I was the only one taking this route when jogging.  Me and the mailman.

-Hi Sean! Yeah, if I have the time I try to jog at least 5k each morning to keep in shape.

-5K? Wow, you are serious about your training aren’t you! Thats nice to hear. And nice to have someone more goodlooking than the mailman to have as a company.

-Well I always try to use my charms to win my races. I bet I could win over you!

-Yo do do you? I race you to the t-crossing at the river! Looser buys breakfast!

-OK, thats a de…. Hey! No cheating!

But Sean did not hear. He was allready way ahead of Linn with a broad smile on his face.


-So Doctor, I have been so tired lately. And feeling so nauseated every morning the last week.

-Uuuhuu,  say aaaaah.

-Aaaaah! And my breasts. They say they cant become any larger or grow, but I can swear….

-Interesting. Wait here and I will consult the laboratory.

2015-06-23_09-19-2-So turns out there is nothing wrong with you after all Mrs Dahl. Nothing time and patience will cure anyway. But I have a hunch you will have a big happy surprise to tell your husband when he get back home….?

-You don’t say?! Thank you so much Doctor! See you on Wednesday forthnight for the next checkup?

-See you Wednesday.

2015-06-23_07-42-2-I met Ulrica Dahl this afternoon, Fredrick told his husband in confidence. You know, she is actually expecting again?


-Yeah, I know. Those two are at it worse than rabbits…. But it got me thinking. How about you and I started to have a family of our own? At least think on it?

-Well ,  my dear husband. Aren’t you forgetting something really important? Like that neither of us have the right equipment for carrying a baby!

-We could adopt. Today, there are so many babies that have been abandoned by their parents. They deserve a better home! A home with us perhaps? Is this an insane idea? Am I crazy for wanting these things?

-No, not crazy at all love….



3 thoughts on “Granite Legacy: Chapter 17

  1. Argh. The internet ate my comment.

    Frederick is adorable. I’m still getting used to his hair now that he’s given up pretending to be a rebel.

    Linn also seems so vulnerable. I hope this is a good guy who can help her find her self esteem. Emma, on the other hand, is making some fascinatingly bad decisions.

    • Tsk, tsk, spoilers….
      Well, let just say that it was the one I least expected. But I am having fun with the persondevelopment as it is. Next chapter will wrap everything up. You will have to pace yourself until then!

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