Granite Legacy: Generation 1 Epilogue


There you are my pretty little princess, Fredrik cooed to Linnea his newly adopted daughter. Who is daddies girl. Yes, who is daddies girl? He gently put  Linnea back in the cot and went back to packing the moving crates. He and Robin had decided that as newly become parents they needed a place of their own. So come the weekend, the moving truck would come and bring them out on a new adventure. Fredrik was secretly relieved since the old house held a lots of memories for him.


The day before the moving truck would arrive Linn became a beutiful (although as usual she did not realise that herself) young adult.


With Emma soon to follow.

2015-06-23_18-15-Hi Sean, its Linn ! Yeah, we had French together and we jogged together two weeks ago. Yes, THAT Linn. Look, I was thinking, do you want to come to the park this afternoon and hang out for a while?2015-06-23_18-15-2

Directly after she hung up she regretted calling Sean. But she could not work up the courage to call him again and cancel the…. whatever it was. Stupid, stupid, stupid! And stupid Emma who had pestered her non-stop ever since she had come back with sparkles in her eyes after the jogging. Linn swore she had just called Sean to shut Emma up. And now it was way too late to do anything about anything. Did she even have anything to wear? Nothing too shaggy, but not anything that screamed date too obvious either. Gaaah! How she regretted everything!

2015-06-23_19-48But 3 pm sharp she stood in the park nervously trying to straighten out invisible wrinkles in the dress. Sean had obviously had the same line of thought because he looked even better than before. Linn became at once very aware of herself. Oh why oh why would she  be such an ugly cow? How could anyone amazing like Sean ever like someone like her?

2015-06-23_19-42-Linn! You here! And right on time! I have some really good knews to tell you about.  And I wanted you to be the first one to here about it!


-I have been accepted to the Sunset Valley Musical Academy! I am starting next month! The moving truck leaves next weekend.

2015-06-23_19-47-I can’t believe you are leaving! Just my bloody luck. When I finally meet someone I….


-Never mind, its so stupid anyway. Why would anything good happen to me? Why would anyone…..



-Come with me!


-You heard me the first time: Come with me! There is an amazing police academy in Sunset Valley as well and with your physique you would make an excellent policewoman

-Stop it!

-Stop what?

-Making fun of me! Don’t you think I know how ugly I am, big and fat and….

-….with the most marvelous and glittering eyes I have ever have the pleasure to look into…..

2015-06-23_20-01-2 -And those lips – so moist, plump and ripe that I just want to take a bite from them…

– Oh Sean. Yes! I come with you! 





And with that we end Generation 1. Fredrik is happily married and moved out with his high school sweetheart Robin. Together they adopted a baby girl called Linnea. Linn on the other hand is going on a big adventure, applying to the Sunset Valley Police Academy. She is currently living with Sean, who have told she is beutiful and kissed her. But where they are relation-wise is still in mid-air. And then there is Emma. our heiress, generation 2 and caretaker of their big familyhome. Becoming an adult was a big freedom for her. Finally she could do whatever she wanted, when she wanted, with who she wanted. But at times she felt very lonely and weighed down by the ghosts of the past in that big house.


I have decided that I will make a tiny change into my settings and “rules” for generation 2 and onwards. Since I have such a lack of imagination and am way to much in love with my characters to put them through bad times on my own accord I have decided to switch to a Random Legacy Setting instead. To spice it up a bit. Besides, way to few seem to be playing RLC these days anyways….

2 thoughts on “Granite Legacy: Generation 1 Epilogue

  1. Aww I’m so happy Emma is the heiress (though I literally would have said that about any of them haha). Linn and Sean ar adorable together! I can probably relate to her the most and I’m happy she got such a hunk! SHe will be missed though.

  2. Oh, what a lovely send off for Linn! Will you be playing her household at all? Linn still has a lot to figure out about herself. I’d love to see what happens to her. Frederick, too, though he seems to have found a happy, stable life now. Well, as much as your life can be stable with a baby!

    I always hate to see characters leave the household, even though I know it has to happen.

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