Granite Legacy: Chapter 22

[NB!!! This chapter may contain some adult themed texts with explicit descriptions. Read with caution! ;-)]2015-07-24_09-28

-Hi sis, how are things? Linn  had fallen madly in love with her nephew Bastian and took every opportunity she could to pay the little family a visit.



– Oh, OK I guess, Emma mumbled desperately trying to pretend that she was deep in thought and reading and not at all pondering over where her sister was going with this enquiery.

-How is that sexy boyfreind of yours?


-Yes, silly! Ashton of course! Do you have any other bf’s I do not know about?

-Well, uuuhm,…. I mean….. Emma sighed.


-To be honest Linn it is not good, not good at all. I think he hates me and stays with me just because he has to.


-It is a long story.

-I am not going anywhere. Spill!

And Emma told her sister everything. How her and Fredrick’s night together had resulted in Bastien. How she had been desperate with no solution.

Then Ash came along. It was totally unexpected, but the solution was so genious and simple when you think of it. He gave the household a second income, and she could provide a roof over his head. Genious. No strings  attached. It worked fine to start with….

-But something changed?

Emma shrugged.

-Yes, something changed. But I do not know how it happened or when it happened. From being just a freind he started to be so much more….

-Does he know how you feel?

-NO! Are you crazy?! If I do I will loose him forever! He just sees me as a freind. That is what he said: “I don’t want to be your boyreind”. Emma could not help her voice to sound frail and bitter.

-But everyone with eyes in their scull could see that he is head over heals in love with you!

-He is?

-Yes! He litterally can not take his eyes away from you when you are not looking! Do not tell me that you have not noticed?


-Why do you think he stayed all these months? It was not due to the kindness of his heart, that much I can tell you.



-You are sure about this?

-YES! Ash is 110% in love with you, no question about it. The Question is: What are you going to do about it?

-Do? What can I do?

-Well, for starters we need to get you guys in a very sexy environment….

-Tsk, tsk – since when did you my sister become such a matchmaker?

-Well I learned from the best did I not?

-You never gonna let that slide, are you?

-Nope! Now, about sexy: Have you ever been to a spa?


  2015-07-24_09-48She stood at her locker at the ladies and stared absentminded into the empty space in front of her. Her heart was beating like a crazy drum. What on earth was she doing here???

2015-07-24_09-49-2He stood at his  locker at the gents  and stared absentminded into the empty space in front of him. His heart was beating like a crazy drum. What on earth was he doing here???



-Sean? Why are you standing on one knee like that?

-You have been my inspiration and muse since the day we met.  Linn Amanda Granite – would you do me the greatest honor of marrying me? Continue to be my ever shining star until death do us part?


-Is that a yes?

-It is beutiful… I mean…. Yes. YES! Of course I will marry you!

2015-07-24_09-22Beutiful stone to a beutiful girl. Do you start believe that now? You ARE beutiful, from the inside and out!

-Oooooh Sean! I LOVE You! <3 <3 <3






So, what do you think Linn and Sean are doing right now? You do not think Bastien are giving them too much trouble do you? Emma knew she was babbling, when she really shoould focus on the very nice footmassage she was given. But she really couldn’t with all the butterflies she had fluttering around in her stomach. Did he has to be so  close? Did he has to wear that specific after-shave that made her knees like yelly every time she got a wiff from it?

-They are doing  fine! Did you not say it yourself? Linnea has a really good hand with children and your brother is just as happy to not have to pay for that car out of his own pocket… We went here to relax remember. So why dont we do just that?

Why did he sound so angry all of a sudden? Emma felt her heart shrink in to a small tiny pin of hurt.



She stood up abruptly and passed Ashton without looking at him, feeling the tears bruning behind her eyelids.

-I need some air!

-Emma! Wait! He grabbed after her arm. She swirled around with open mouth as to say something, but nothing came over her lips instead their eyes locked and he saw to his astonishment that she was crying.

-Emma, what….?

Once more she looked as she wanted to say something, but kept silent. Then her eyes shifted from light hurt to dark, soft tenderness and she  bent over and gently pressed her lips against his.

The kiss had been meant as a freindly peck on the mouth, a kind of “Goodby and thank you for the fish” so that she finally could move on. But when their lips touch it was like electricity surge through her body and she heard from the sharp gasp of air that Ash must have felt it too.

Ash? her voice were weak and contained a question she had been carrying for so long.

Ash raised his hand and cupped it under her chin and lifted it, looking into her eyes as if they contained the answer on the untold question that hung ripe between them. Then he cursed.

-To hell with it!

He kissed her back. Gently at first, but when she did not move away in fear or disgust he let the kiss deepen.


2015-07-24_10-14Emma could not remember how they had ended up in the sauna. After their first embrace she was in a daze and the only thing she was able to focus on was his strong arms, his delicate tasty mouth and his yummy kisses. Everything else was unimportant as of now.



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  1. Linn giving romance advice to Emma. What a nice way to bring things full circle. It’s so nice to see Linn again and see her life come together.

    You brought Ash and Emma together beautifully. I hope that can start really talking to each other now.

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