Granite Legacy: Chapter 23

2015-07-24_21-21-2-Are you nervous Beutiful? Sean asked his bride using his nickname for her. Linn laughed and answered:

-Not a single bit. Is it not strange? I know I really should be. But, when I am with you I feel so safe and protected. In a way it is like this has been on the horizon and coming for a long time now has it not?

2015-07-24_21-22-Definitely! But you know what?


-I have always had a soft spot for chicks in white. Especially brides to be. Why don’t we let them wait a while longer?

-You charmer you. Kiss me allready!


-…to death do us part!

-I do!

-You may kiss the bride!



Don’t be sad big brother. Not on the happiest day of my life! Linn tried to get Fredrik to cheer up on the reception after the wedding. But he just was not in the mood.

-I know, I know…  SIGH! I just…. I just wish mum and dad was here to see this. Why did they have to die so young? Do you think it is hereditarily?

No way! It was just dumb bad luck! And besides, we are still young all three of us! You, me and Em. We have many years still together to come! Now, will you do me the honor and dance with me?

-Always sis! Shall we?




-So basicly, I show up here at peak hours and walk around offering water to people and make sure the cooler is filled?

-Yup, thats basicly it, Owen the owner of the gym said. Look, he continued. I have seen your credentials and there is no doubt in my mind that you are an excellent Personal Trainer. But you lack experience and this is a small gym. We can not afford hireing anyone with a full salary. A water-person on the other hand…..

-…. will get sponsorship from the city council for entrepreneurs. Got it.

-Exactly! Put in some grease and show of some muscle and show me what you can bring to the table besides the fancy diploma and we can start talking in a few weeks.

-Thank you Chief. You wont regret it.

-No worries! I remember too well how it was when me and my wife were expecting our daughter. Every single sim-penny count. I am glad that I could help.


Of course, Ashton knew that Owen had hired him just out of the kindness of his big muscular heart. Nonetheless, filling the water-coolers only took so long and he was giving a lot of free time during his work hours. Which he tried to give back to his boss as best he could by walking aroud in the gym offering his advice to those who approached him.

-Your most precious muscle as a comedian Mr Williams, he said one day, is your brain. With out a thourughbred brain helping you with all your improvisations there will be no jokes. But all muscles need oxygen and you can bring that in yes by breathing, but also by working on your stamina and doing aerobic excersises. Here, come over here to the threadmill and I can show you some good routines. And do not forget to water plenty!



But, however much time he spent on filling the coolers and chatting to gym antendees, there were plenty of free time to spend working out on his own.



Emma had told him that she was pregnant right away after she had tested positive on the stick. That was just weeks after their tet-â – tet at the spa. Ash had been overjoyed. Finally something solid and concrete that linked them together until end of time! He knew of course that the link were formed on a shaky ground. But he had learned not to be picky and he took his blessings wherever he could. Love would come eventually, that he was more sure than ever off!


-So, Bastian I have some exciting news to tell you!

– Am I getting a bike?

– A bike? No dear, something a tad bigger than that.

-Bigger than a bike? No WAY! You are giving me my own laptop to work at? Thank you, THA….

-No, no…. No lap top. That is way too expensive at the moment. Something much better! You are going to be a big brother!


2015-07-26_17-47-Mom? Where does babies come from? Jon at school say they are gifts from the angels. But I doubt angels would gift something that screams so much in one end and smells in the other. That does not seem entirely fair does it? -Well, come sit here next to me in the sofa. We can look in this book and I can tell you all about the birds and the bees…..

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  1. Another baby! Wow! It sounds like Ash and Emma still have a long way to go, but they’re getting closer.

    Frederick feeling down at Linn’s wedding was so cute and funny. It’s so nice to see Linn happy.

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