Slow Simming: The Rainbowcy Project!

For the longest of times I have wanted to start a Rainbowcy in Sims 4. The lack of CAS put sticks in the dreamwheel though – there were no skins and no berry-hairs. But some time ago Simsperience did a really great work at creating custom berry coloured skins. Now the “only” thing left is to create the hairs to match it. I know how to do it, it is just the fact that there is sooooo many different hairs to do it with and you have to recolor every single color over and over again. It takes a few hours for each hair….. But I am getting there, hair by hair, colour by colour! The result you can see here: Here is Lace Frost and her side-kick Sapphire Blue-Ocean

FIT1In the meantime I also treat you with some other berry Rainbowcy Stories to read:

Berry Skins & Hair:


One thought on “Slow Simming: The Rainbowcy Project!

  1. Wow. That really is a lot of work, but I am so glad you’re doing it.

    I’m excited about Sims 4, but the return to presets really frustrates me. I love berry sims or any kind of unusually skin/hair/eye color. It’s so much harder to do this in Sims 4.

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