Granite Legacy – Chapter 24

First day in school. Bastian stood in awe outside the big glassdoors.  He had longed for this moment since he  was 5 years old and FINALLY the day had come! He was thrilled by the adventures and knowledge that for sure awaited him in there!





His class was big and noisy, and most of the time they had to fight over a place to sit at computor class. Bastian did not mind, but it was obvious that ot frustrated his class mate Cecilia to no end. She was always really keen on that all her work at school should be perfect. When that did not happen, due to lack of time or something else it was very common that she threw a real fit or just explode. But it past fairly quickly, usually.

Today however was quite obviously not her day.

-Aaaargh! Stupid, stupid program! Why is Word so dumb! Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious IS a word. Everyone knows that. Gaaah!



-You are so daft Cecilia! Lisa complained. Everyone knows that Supper…. Susperacli…. I mean that word does not exists. And anyway,  I KNOW better than to use long words just to impress Mrs G. I can get an A without showing off. I am THAT good and confident in it too!

-Are not!

Are too!



2015-07-26_19-42Girls were so stupid! Bastian thought. If they ever stopped fighting they kept talking about stupid things like move stars or the latest dress-line from the shopping mall. Bastian knew better and made sure to focus his time on far more important things than gossip and fashion. When he had computor class he instead researched different webpages for chess openings and different potions to create. Mom had told him that if he wanted to make something important with his life he needed to study and get good grades and he took his the word of his mother very seriously.


2015-07-26_19-50As the girls in his school was not enough, shortly after he had begun school his mother went into labour and was rushed to the ER by Ash, his father.  That night he had to sleep at his auntie Linn’s house. The next morning he was told that he had gotten a baby sister named Bianca. On their way home, Bastian overheard his mother complaining to his father over the fact that her brother had been the delivery doctor on call that night. Bastian really could not understand his why his mother was so uncomfortable really. Uncle Fredrick was the best doctor in the world! Why was that not a good thing?

2015-07-27_07-41Father was truly entranced by his young daughter and spent many hours close to her basinett, singing to her, comforting and thelling wild stories. To Bastians big relief he also took his duty as diaper changer very seriously, so Bastian did not have to. What a joy!

2015-07-27_07-43But however many hours his father spent with Bianca, he made sure that he spent an equal amount of hours with Bastian. Bastian loved their Spaghetti-nights when it was only the two of them and they could sit in the kitchen eating spaghetti and meatballs talking about….. just guy-stuff. He loved his mother and would bring down the moon  to his baby sister if possible. Bust some days it was just too many Girls around! Lucky dad was around!


2015-07-27_08-43But truly, if he got the option the best days Bastian remembered was the afternoons when he and his father shared a chess game. His parents hand found out early that he had a natural talent for mental games, and he had stopped playing with children of his own age a long time ago. They were just too easy to beat. But playing against adults were frustrating as well as confusing. He could really not tell if they were letting him winn all the time just to please him. Or if he really was that good. That was so good with his father, he never pretended. He always gave his A-game when they were playing. This made Bastian feel that he really had the best father in the entire Universe!


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