Granite Legacy – Chapter 25

How had it happened really, that she kissed that guy at the library? Did she have a thing for book-worms? Or just red-heads? Fact was though that she was in a real mess this time….



2015-07-27_14-40It had all started earlier that afternoon. Emma had felt awkward at home and restless to the fact that the only faces she saw all day was Ashes and Bastians. So when Ash came back from work she litterally through the bottle of milk over to him and was almost out of the door before he had even had the chanse to say hi or stop her.

-Going off to the library. Need some….. …….I need to dig through some heavy duty reference material for a plugin I am writing. See you later tonight. There is some food in the fridge. You and Bast can just heat it up in the microvave! Ciao!

-Uuuh? Hello? Bye…

When she opened the door to the library she felt it like a big weight lifted of her shoulders. Finally she got some alone time. She just wished that next time  when she would need an emergency-lie she would say a nightclub or a resturant or something funnier than some old dusy books…

The afternoon had not been totally fruitless though. As she wandered aimlessly up and down the isles of books she had bumped into Ola and in the end and after some flirting they had exchanged more than appoligies and pleasantries.


2015-07-27_14-55Back home again, way later than she had intended Ash was waiting for her:

-Where have you been? Do you know what time it is? Don’t you know that I was worried something happened?

-Dont be like that!

-Like What? The tone in Ash voice had taken on a frosty nuance that Emma had nor heard before.

-Like you are my prison guard! I need to get away and get some fresh air! is that so hard to understand? Do you know how many times I have been out on my own since Bastian was born? ONE! And that was tonight! It feels like the walls is suffocating me!



-If you say so….

-You know what I mean! Was it so bad? I was only gone to the library for a few hours.

-Without your cellphone. And when you get back you reak of  cigarette smoke and god-knows-what . And here I always thought that the Library was a non-smoking area?

Emma swallowed. Ash did not say it straight out, but she could sense it herself on her collar: The scent of male cologne on her collar.

-I am sorry OK? It wont happen again. Please dont be mad….


2015-07-27_15-11In the middle of this chaos, Bianca aged up to be a beutiful  young, blonde girl. It looked like the Granite genes were really strong, since very little of Ash’s features could be seen.

Happy Birthday sweerheart! Want some cake?

-Nah, mom. I have allready eaten and want to run to the park and play some. Is that OK?

-Of course it is hunny. Just be careful OK? And thake your brother with you!



Bianca was a force of nature. She rather went out swinging in the monkey-bars in the jungle gym instead of doing her homework. But when she begged her mother for help Emma was a cement brick wall since she had come to realise that Bianca was only trying to get away cheap when it came to her studies.

-Homework first young lady, then play.

-But mooooooom!

-No! Now, go and do your homework.


2015-07-29_18-40Bastian himself had a field-day: Finally he had someone to goof around with and tease to know end. But although he would never admit it he loved his little sister dearly and would take down the moon for her . Although, noone could blame him for doing hiw worst face when she was being too girly.

-Bastian Engelbrect Granite! Stop making faces! It will stuck on you if you are so careless!




Unfortunately, Emma and Ahs’s relationship did not get any better as the children grew.

Bianca was hugging her best freind in the entire world:

-Ooooh Teddy! I wish that mom and dad would not argue like that. It makes my ears hurt!


2015-07-29_19-19-2Because it really did not get any better. Emma and Ash started having fights on always a daily basis now. They tried hard not to do it in front of hte children, but there were always raised voices:

-No! I said NO! I would never tell Bastian about his birth-father! Fredrik was a creep. A nasty, low-living worm. He does not deserve to have anything to do with Bastian!

-But don’t you thing Bastian deserve to know where he is coming from? His roots? He is almost 13 now. He is not dumb you know. He will start asking questions.


5 thoughts on “Granite Legacy – Chapter 25

  1. Oh, wow! I thought Emma was headed for happiness. But she hasn’t grown up yet, has she? Bastian and Bianca are almost exact opposites.

    I thought Bianca would have darker skin, since she’s a combination of Emma and Ash.

    • Well, I have let Emma’s Aspiration play a big role in the story and you can guess what that is….

      I was surprised too. Some day I would like to investigate what part the genetics plays in Sims 4. Will for example Bastian’s children have a chanse of becoming red-heads, if his partner not is red?

      • Ah, I kind of thought she’d abandoned that Serial Romantic aspiration. I hope she and Ash have a chance to make their relationship work.

        I thought I’d read that the game would choose a skintone for a child that was between the parents’ skintones. It looks very much like Bianca just got Emma’s skintone. I’ll have to look this up. It’s actually kind of important to me for some reason. Also, I hope there’s a chance of inheriting from grandparents, like you said.

        • From what I understand the hair color is only one-generation inheritance. So Bastians children will not stay the chanse of inheriting fredricks red hair 🙁 Dont know how it is with skin-color or eyes. But I cant imagine those being any different…. At this moment I am very tempted to actually start drawing up a genetics model for each main character and do the genetics myself! This will become really important especially if I actually am going to start up my Rainbowcy. What colors are dominant over what? Will hair and skin be linked etc.

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