Granite Legacy – Legacy 27

2015-08-19_16-33If Bianca got the choice, she would pick being outdoors hanging in the jungle gyms over being inside doing homework. Yes, she would pick outside any day. Not that she skipped homework entirely, her mom and dad would not have that. But on the other hand, it was hard trying to keep up with a brainiac like her brother Bastian, so why bother? Besides, school did not really teach her anything valuble, like how to not be eaten by crocodiles or how to get away from spacepirates. The essential stuff in life. Hence she did focus on minimizing the effort. That way there were more room for hanging around.

2015-08-19_16-41After school was out for the day Bianca used to take the bus over to her aunt Linn’s home and stay there while her mom and dad was at work. Linn had to be the coolest aunt ever! She was an police officer, with a REAL Gun and all! But she really did not look like the policemen in the movies Bianca used to see in the weekends. First of all – Linn was really pretty and feminine. And fit. Bianca did not think that her aunt had eaten a single donut in her entire life! When Bianca grew up she wanted to be exactly like her aunt!

2015-08-23_18-30Not that her mom was not cool too. Emma was the coolest mom she had ever had. She could make the best pancakes ever at breakfast and she was mean at tetris and other computor-related games. Noone else at school had a computor engineer for a mom that she new  of. But sometimes Bianca just wished that her mom would be a little bit more present. It seemed that all she did was either work away or at home in front of the computor. And when she did not, she seemed so sad all the time. But she had seemed much happier these days. Now when she and dad  were freinds again.

2015-08-28_09-50But one afternoon when mom and dad came home after having dinner together out Bianca could sense that something was terribly wrong. Her mother walked straight into the childrens room with neither saying ‘Hello’ nor giving Bianca a Hug. She closed the door behind her. But Bianca could here her being really upset and saying  words about someone called Fredrick that was not really nice words at all. When Bianca opened the door just a little to take a peak she could see her mom standing in front of Teddy with tears streaming down her cheaks. Off and on she punched the bear hard while talking to herself:

-Stupid man! What an idiot! I got him good though. Punched in the nose…..


2015-08-27_09-00One thing that had made Bianca’s mom much happier though was the secret that her Aunt Linn had told her the other day. It was obvious that it was one of those grown-up-secrets that grownups did not want children to know about because they were both whispering and talking in hushed voices. But come on! She was sitting right there! What did they think, that she was deaf? Whatever the news was it has to be a good, big one because all evening after that her mom were singing and smiling as she was making dinner. Bianca could not remember when that happend last!

2015-08-28_06-41A couple of weeks later the big secret was out anyway! Bianca and Bastian was going to be big cousins. Aunt Linn was pregnant! Bianca found it too be wonderful news! She  really wanted to not have to be the youngest in their family anymore and besides she could see that her favotite aunt  was really happy. There were a new light around her that almost made her glow!

2015-08-28_09-02Overall, life seemed to be more happier these days. Best of all: Her mom seemed to be more happy these days. She and dad were spending more time together than they used to do before. They were talkin, and laughing and even holding hands. Bianca could not swear on it, but even her father seemed happier and taller. It was as if a big weight had been lifted of his shoulders. Bianca was pleased, finally they were a whole family again!




2 thoughts on “Granite Legacy – Legacy 27

  1. Wow. I’m curious to hear this chapter from Emma’s point of view. I’m glad she and Ash are doing better, but can it last? Will Emma ever reach her Serial Romantic Aspiration and move on to Soulmate? Haha!

    Bianca is a fun character.

    • I actually did plan to write that from Emma’s point of view, but Bianca had other ideas…:-D And that aspiration is giving me grey hairs! Btw, you can’t guess what aspiration Ashton got 😀 On my to-do-list is to actually try to work on my consistency for my story, but I find it hard to make the game go the rolls I planned plus making a believable story as well. It is writing with one hand tied on your back….

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