Granite Legacy – Legacy 28

2015-08-28_11-40-When I grow up I am gonna be thiiiiis tall! Bastian opened up his arms wide to show his sister what he meant.

-Silly, that is impossible! You can not be that tall!

-Can to!

-Can not!


-Can not! If you could you would not be able to sleep in your old bed stupid. Your feet would hang over the side of the bed!


2015-08-28_11-51But reality was that Bastian turned out to grow into one handsome, tall young man. His mom decided to throw him a small intimate birthday dinner with just the closest family and that was just fine with him. They get together all of them way to rarely anyway: Mom, dad, aunt Linn and uncle Fredrik.

2015-08-28_11-54-2Aunt Linn was now very much pregnant in the third trimester. Bastian wondered if it was a typical girl-thing that they always wanted to touch the bellies of pregnant ladies? But mom did not seem to get enough of it. She stood for ages stroking the moonlike belly and even talking to it. Insane! But somehow, it seemed like his mom had magic fingers…..

2015-08-28_11-55While Bastian and Bianca were having their seconds of birthday cake Aunt Linn suddenly growned and cursed:

-Ooouch! Damn, sis I think my water just broke!


2015-08-28_11-59Sean, Linn’s husband instantly started to panic and running around looking for the hospital bag. Just to realise that they had left that back home in Newcrest, since Linn was not due  in two  weeks yet. But eventually, they got away to the hospital.

2015-08-29_07-44After a few hours of labour Linn and Sean’s daughter were born. Welcome to the world Felicia!


2015-08-29_07-14Seeing her big brother growing up made Bianca very upset. Who would now be there for her? Who would make funny faces and pulling her leg now? But Bastian comforted her;

-I will always be there for you little sister. Always by your side. And dont you worry, you will grow up you too soon enough, Dont rush, the future will come sooner than you think. I promise.


2015-09-13_07-49As fate would have it Bianca DID grow up to a beutiful young geeky woman soon enough. But unfotunately Bastian was not able to fullfill all of his promises…

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