Twisted Colour Bachelor Challenge – Season 1

Welcome to Twisted Colour Bachelor Challenge Season 1! This is a cross-over between XUrbanSimsX‘s Bachelor Challenge and a Rainbowcy, with a few tweaks:

  • The Bachelor and his Singles will be berries instead of vanilla Sims obviously
  • I will do a full-blown rose cermony, with all singles in the same room. BUT to stop jealousl from happening I will use MC Command Center Command “No Jealousy” temporarily to prevent ladies throwing a total fit. It will ONLY be on during rose cermony though. Outside that Everything goes!
  • Elimination will be done from top to bottom by handing them a rose. But in the beginning that might be impossible. So instead some kind of romantic interaction will be in its place.
  • If a Single refuses rose/RI she is automaticly eliminated and rose cermony ends. This is only valid during the cermony!
  • Readers of the blog will be able to vote for who they want to be eliminated. Two Singles will be put up for elimination each time. They can be chosen from two instances: 1) The lowest relationship with the Bachelor or 2) A very bad date or obvious disinterest in the entire event.
  • If the Bachelor and a Single is having an Amazing date he can choose to give that Single an rose directly to save her from elimination during cermony. This goes for the groupdate too.
  • Speed Date order is chosen based on random rolls.
  • No pushing the limits to induce the option of Ask Out on a Date. If it is not there it is not there. You can not force love. Instead I will try and use the Social Event mod Casual Group and aim for a gold that way. When/If a gold medal is earned, then and only then fliritng can happen!┬┤during the outing! The mod is not updated properly. Instead I will use cheat to add and remove relationship so an date can be requested. After all, it is a dating program….
  • At a date, you are only allowed to flirt if:
    • Main goal is fulfilled
    • At least silver is achieved
    • -or-
    • Either one of them have a flirty want (still no pushing it though)
    • -or-
    • Either one of them is in a flirty mood
    • -or-
    • At least Romantic Interest
  • I will host 5 different kinds of parties/outings:
    • Houseparty
    • Masqerade
    • Black and White
    • Pool Party
    • Weaner Party
  • Aging will be set to “OFF”.

Next chapter I will introduce the Bachelor Adrian Frost a Little bit more upclose and personal!

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