Granite Legacy: Chapter 30



Sooo, you and Anna Sjöblom huh? Who would ever have thought?” Bianca teased Her older brother.

Oh, please shut up! Don’t you have more important things to do ? Like playing Cops & Thieves?”



I need money for the tuition fee, some place to live ( No dorms, but nothing fancy ofc) and most likely I will need a gymcard so I can keep fit for admissions tests.

“Uhuu“, Ash answered sceptically. “And who do you forsee to pay all this? You mom and  I love you very much, but we are not made out of money. If you want to go to the Police Academy, you have to pay for it yourself.”



“.…38, 39 and 40.” Bianca  was finishing up her daily exercise regimen at the same time as she was pondering her fathers words the other day. She had known she wanted to be a cop since she was a little girl and her aunt Linn had driven her to school in her patrol car. Was she now forced to give up on her childhood dream just because lack of money? No way!



Bianca had never been the one backing down from a challenge and did not plan to back down from this either. She needed money to make her dream come true and to get that she took a job as a dsihwasher/waitress at a local diner. It payed OK, although she was annoyed to see how her collegues wer just sitting doing nothing forcing her to do all the work.



But Bianca dug in, despite the low work morale from her collegues. When their gossip was at its worst, she closed her eyes and counted backwards from 100 reminding herself that she did put herself through hell for a reason.

….56, 55, 54…...” But with some people it was so hard!



One particular bad evening when she had taken refuge at he Ladies room she suddenly heard her uncle Sean’s voice:

Hey man, that was a really nasty scar you got there. What happened? Have you been into a fight or something?”

“Or something, a unfamiliar voice answered. I ran into this crazy bitch and her dudd to boyfreind a long time ago. She hold a grudge for nothing at all and just jumped on me. This is the thanks I got for defending myself. Crazy huh? Did you know she actually blamed ME for getting her pregnant….?



It was late and Bianca was dead tired as she wandered home after work that night. Thousands of thoughts were spinning through her head.

She knew of course who that unfamiliar voice had been. She even knew his name: Fredrik Lilja. Her parents had never said anything, but she had ears and braincells to use to piece together bits and pieces of what she had heard from hushed voices as she was growing up. She had never mentioned any of her suspisions to Bastian. But as the land stood now she wondered if she had done both of them a disservice?



How’s work?” Bastian’s question was more of the polite quality than anything else. But Bianca saw an opening to start a very uncomfortable conversation:

Sooo, I heard something really interesting at work tonight. I overheard uncle Sean talking to this guy and I think they were talking about mom – and dad!” Bastian looked up from his bowl of food but did not answer her, obviously waiting to see where she was going with this.

Bastian, I think it was your father who trashtalked mom!”

“Huh? Why would Ash…”

“No silly! Your REAL father Fredrik Lilja!” Bianca stopped talking abruptly realising that she may have said too much.


“Oh? OH?! Is that all you have to say? I tell you about your father and oh is all you got?”

Bastian got up so abruptly from th table that the chair he had sat on fell .”What do you want me to say? That I hate him? Hate him and wish him dead`Bastian said in  a clearly agitated voice.

Bastian  sighed.

“But I dont. I know I should, but, its OK. I have known for a while who my biological father is. But you know what? Ash, although he is not my dad by blood, he is 100 times more of a father that looser ever will be! And I can see how happy he is making mom. So I have decided to pretend he never existed, that I never met him. And I suggest you do too!”

“Who are you again to be so wise and what have you done with my goofy big brother?!


OK, I am back after a big case of writers block, So much I wanted to get down in writing, but it was much funnier playing. But now I am on the clock: I have decided to not buy the next expansion until I have finnished up generation 2! Wish me luck!

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