Drifters Challenge – House 004 (Part 1)

Delilah’s Log


My mother always pushed on how “lovely” it was to get some fresh air. To catch your own food….


…I just find it straight through inadequate use of my time groping for frogs and what nots.


Digging for precious crystals turned out to not be a scientific reliable source of income either.


Today I decided to share my latest invention with the world. I showed my “invento-tron” to Uncle Henrik. His pupils was very enlarged and his voice raised a pitch as well as his body language became very excessive as he recieved the prototype. He naturally offered me a job at his lab on the spot.



A familiar figure roams the street of Willow Creek…


At the same time, at¬† Charlie’s Park:

-So you are saying that Uncle Henrik is LUCKY to have hired you?

-Why should he not be? I come with the highest IQ in Willow Creek and my inventions, I have calculated that they will bring in approximately 1. 400 000 $ within a year if they are marketed in a proper way.

-Of course he is, honey Charlie said to her less than emotional daughter. I am just happy that you found your calling in life.

-Calling? Who do you want me to call? Are you sick? I can call a doctor if you like?

-Lucky, my smooth behind, Dudley mumbled under his breath. He is lucky if he is looking for a emotionless, cold sociopath….


-Yeah, yeah, just stating the obvious…


-I am NOT cold! ! How could I have known that that man would burst into tears just because I stated the obvious?

-You called him an imbecile for not executing a specific opening when you were playing chess!

-He did loose after all, did he not? Why should I not point out the obvious? Mom always told us that telling the truth is a virtue….



Delilah’s Log2016-03-18_17-14-00

My first days at the lab was very rewarding! Not only did I get to construct the potions I had drawn out on paper when I was 12….


… I also got to talk to the entity¬† one that helps me and my co-workers manifest our thoughts into reality. I write entity, because truth be told some times I get the sense that he is far superior than many of my so called collegues. Not me of course, but the rest of the lot!


But the highlight was to finally find out the components in the Bluebell flowers! That will give me the Nobel prize very soon for sure!


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