Drifters Challenge – House 004 (Part 2)

2016-03-18_17-49-11Her co-workers found her not very far from very cheap and frugal when it came to her day to day business. For example did she always buy one piece of microwave food plate at the beginning of her week at work, sliced it up in 5 pieces. Like that she managed to save plenty of money although others shaked their heads in disbelief.

2016-03-18_17-59-51But soon it payed of, because Delilah was able to buy herself a house. It was not much, but at least it was functional.

2016-03-18_17-58-00She could prepare herself (the cheapest) kind of food to bring with her to work.

2016-03-18_18-09-06There was an old campingbed that she could sleep instead of sleeping on the ground or sleeping on a park bench.

2016-03-18_18-28-55The biggest luxury she felt though was the shower. She could stand for hours and let the warm water drizzle over her.

2016-03-18_18-32-02All in all Delilah was pleased. As said, it was not much but it was functional and she did not see any point in taking things beyond that. That would be a total waste of money!

2016-03-18_18-10-29Now when she had a house you would think that she would relax a little bit, but she did not. Instead she made sure she drank 2 sets of energy-boosts (at least) of her own brew each morning to be at her sharprest.

2016-03-18_18-25-10She found a new unexpected pleasure in using the micro-microscope at the lab. At times she could actually get some really satisfactory prints out from them. Delilah knew that it was not OK to bring the prints home. But she reasoned that with all the grants she did bring in to the lab with her genious mind she kind of had earned it.

2016-03-18_18-22-28Rumour spread fast in the lab and soon she had established herself as a proper juice-dealer around there. Which gave some extra cash as well.

2016-03-18_18-47-51One morning when she was tinkering with the coffee machine to make it the perfect cup of coffee with longest lasting effect she was hit with a stroke of genious and she was very giddy all through the work day until she could go home and test her theory out.

2016-03-18_18-52-15Recently she had had some thoughts on upgrading her personal sim-ray (That she named Ray-månd). In theory it should not only be possible to freeze things right? If she could get the molecules to move slower, she should also be able to get molecules to rearrange themselves, right?

2016-03-18_18-52-26Right? In theory that was at least…..

2016-03-18_22-55-05That evening she was so deep in thought pondering the solution to her problem that she did not notice…..

2016-03-18_22-55-26… that her clothes caught fire! Luckily she managed to extinguish herself.

2016-03-18_22-57-21And a cold shower both solved her crispy-ness and problem with the flaming sim-ray:

-Eureka! Water cooling! Of course! That would do it for sure!!!!!


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