Drifters Challenge – House 004 (Part 3

2016-03-18_23-27-52The thought she had when she had studied he plant print the same morning just would not let her go. And she talked to her faithful companion the invention bot: If the Universe is endless and we theorise that there is pockets in space and time that allowed things to develop….

2016-03-18_23-14-52She just could not let the thought go. She even skipped lunch to  make some calls to a bunch of experts from different labs:

-But in theory you say it is possible?

-In theory, but…



2016-03-18_23-45-39When her experts really could not give her any answers (She always knew that she had been superior in scientific knowledge anyways) she started to talk her collegues ears of. At first they politely pretended to listen, but after hours and hours of thoughts and retorical questions going on a repetetive loop they just stopped pretending altoghether.

-La-lah-lah…. Cant heeeeear you!


2016-03-18_23-08-24But Delilah kept on obsessing. Now the mailman was even dragged into her little world of crazy:

-Aaargh! Why can I not find out the answer? WHY! It should be so simple. I know they do not exist, but how could I really know for sure without a scientific confirmation?

-Chill Lady Scientist. Chill! You invent… uhhhm things, right? Why dont you just invent an alien-find-atron-thingie?


2016-03-18_23-47-39-So, if I build this big satellite dish, but calibrate it to send in instead of send out signals that would for sure make aliens come to earth instead us silly humans trying to find them. That would be brilliant!

-Uhhhu, whatever you say. Let me just get away from casual Wednesday please….


2016-03-19_08-22-52After several weeks where Delilah had worked day and night to finnish her latest  in-vention the alien-sat-night-dish without getting any results what so ever indicating that alien lifeforms actually existed. Much less evidence that they wanted to come and visit Earth she decided to scatch the entire useless project anyway. When she came home she found her home invaded with a lot of very odd looking people. None of who Delilah had seen before. Well, except for Dudley that was, who had been hired to house-watch.

2016-03-19_15-37-45-And you know what the stranges thing was? When I asked Dud about who all these people were he said he did not know!

Her collegue sighed. He had started to get used to Delilah not having the faintest idea about social ques etc. But this was beyond crazy.

-Uuuhm, have you considered the fact that they actually were you neighbours Delilah? I know you do not like to socialize much and such…


2016-03-19_15-45-20For hours each days she used to sit and just go through her old notes and blue-prints but to the same result. It SHOULD have worked! No question about it. Delilah Drifter did not fail! How come then, instead of getting a negative result had she got NO result? And who was all those people? Freinds of Dudley’s? Not likely.a

2016-03-19_15-53-17-So, who was all those people you invited home Dudley? Delilah asked.

-I did not invite any sis. I swear! I just came over to water your plants and there they were all over the plays. If I had not know that you do not have any freinds I would have thought that they were that.

-Freinds are very messy and hightly ineffective. Not likely.

-Then there is only one explanation…

-You mean…? The A-word?


2016-03-19_15-56-05Delilah would not believe it at first, but the more she thought about it the more plausible it actually sounded. Alien had come and visit her! HER: Delilah Drifter!  But how would they go about and prove it? Per Dudley’s suggestion (He was actually smarter than he looked) they decided they needed to compare the non-freinds DNA against some human DNA to confirm her theories. Since she did not trust the gene-banks around she decided that Dudley had to become Person 0.

-Open up wide!



2016-03-19_16-01-36Delilah did not get much done the text couple of days. She was pondering back and forth who from her new “neighbours” to use as a subject for her experiment to once and for all prove that aliens actually did not exist.

2016-03-19_17-22-40As an experiment Delilah invited over Ivar Lindström, one of the “tourists” from a couple of days ago.  She had intended to let it be a casual lunch with him, pretending like she knew nothing about anything. But apprently her reputation about being a genious preceeded her and Ivar felt threatened by her. Because, suddenly there was this wave of sound flowing towards her….

2016-03-19_17-23-54….and Delilah just reacted on pure instinct. There and then she cursed herself for being so reactive and spontaneous. But later she did silently thank her lucly star. Because this, this was the start of everything…..

2016-03-19_17-24-31She had planned to let the Ivan that turned out to be an alien stand frozen there in here one-room house so that she could take some samples from him (or her? Or it? Did aliens have a gender?). But then he started to melt and she  decided she did not  want a big alien puddle on her floor so she took a shizzle and hacked the alien free.

-OK, pal! You better start talking now or else I will freeze you again!


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