Drifters Challenge – House 004 (Part 5)


When she had fooled around with “Stefan” that fatal afternoon she totally ignored that there might be consequenses. But of course there were! First there were the morning-sickness….


…then the illness carried over for the rest of the day. When this had continued for several weeks, Delilah decided to take a pregnancy test. Rather un-surprising she learned that she was with child.

The following months she threw herself into her work focusing mainly on forwarding her career and to working on her space ship. Not thinking on “Stefan” at all.

2016-04-14_15-57-57Six months later she took a detour to a small park in the neighbourhood thinking of her latest breakthrough she did not notice him until she literally bounced into him.

-De-lilah, you are faring well I can see. But you are bigger than I recall. Much bigger…


2016-04-14_15-58-07-Well, you will not get away that easy my freind. This is all your doing! I am carrying your child your stupid alien-you!

2016-04-14_15-58-43-De-lilah, this is truly a miracolous thing. All data we have collected during our stay here have indicated that humans and aliens can not geneticly blend. But this, this truly proves the opposite! Amazing!

2016-04-14_16-01-18-I have learned that it is custom for a pair of humans who wish to prolifirate on this Earth to stay together so¬† that the male might provide for her female. As I understand it, it is called marriage….

-De-lilah Drif-ter, will you do me the honor and be my wife?

2016-04-14_16-02-28-Are you serious! You invaded my home. Stole my maiden-hood and then knocked me up as the icing on the cake. No way that I will marry you! Go away!

Or that was what she THOUGHT she was saying, thinking it aloud in her head…..


2016-04-14_16-02-47…..-YES! Yes, of course I will marry you! I love you so much you and our unborn nooboo!


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