Drifters Challenge – Houuse 004 (Part 4)


The same afternoon there was a knock on her door. Outside stood a man that Delilah knew she had never seen before. But he introduced himself as Stefan Öberg, one of her neighbours that had “visited” her the other week. Delilah snapped on the spot:

-Do you think I am stupid or something? What do you take me for, huh, HUH?

-Take it easy…

-You want me to take it easy? I gonna show you about easy. I know who you are. In the name of Einstein and Darwin and all that is sacred within sience – I know WHAT you are!

-Ssssch, not out here. Please!


Later, when she w as looking back Delilah was not entirely sure why she had agreed on letting this man into her home, into her life. But at the time, it just felt like the right thing to do. Stefan sat down at her only kitchen table and closed his eyes, rubbing the frown between his eyes  in a very human way.In an imitation of human ways, delilah reminded herself.

-You are right, “Stefan” said with a very deep sigh. As you may have guessed. Me and my crew are not from here. Not from this place, not even from this Earth….

-…. Delilah stayed silent, taking in every word he said. This was the proof she had been looking for so long. Gone was the memory of that she actually had tried to prove things otherwise before. Now she just focues on this amazing, beutiful discovery in front of her. Nobel prize her she comes!

-Not many moons ago our ship was in orbit when some unknown disturbances cauesed it to crash. We have tried to find a way to get home ever since.

2016-04-12_19-23-56-Aaaaaargh! You are giving me a headache.Let me see if I get this right. You are an alien…


-Please, do not interrupt me!


-Just dont! So, you and your alien have crashed on this planet. Can not get home until you get your ship fixed. And now what? Are you just roaming this town, invading peoples homes in hope to find a “space-ship-fixer”?

-But we allready have De-lilah, “Stefan” said looking deep into her eyes. We allready have.


They continued their conversation further in the park over a game of chess. Delilah found that the more she actually talked to “Stefan” the more she came to like his company and to disregard the fact that he was of extraterrestial origin. It was hard though, since he had this faint glow around him all the time. Why have she not seen that before?

-It is because we are connected De-lilah he answered when she asked him about it. On a universal level. I believe you would call it kindred spirits or soulmates on this Earth.


Delilah tried to mask her confusion by focusing on her moves while going through her options in her head. Everyone knew that there were no such thing as soulmates. Love was just a chemical reaction between two people (or alien for that matter). And this man…. alien she corrected herself came and claimed there were some invisible bond between them. Ridiculous! But she had to admit that she felt strangely drawn to him. Her usually so disciplined brain were running in circles within her head coming up with the most intriguing things it wanted her hands to do with his body. Just in the name of science. Of course.


Then her mouth started to move without her brain controlling it what so ever. What on earth what wrong with her today?

-You know, here on Earth there is this system  installed to ensure  that only the most compatible  specimens come together. It is called Dejting. In theory we could use that same system to prove your hypothesis about us being kindred spirits.

-De-lilah, that sounds like a very credible approach. Maybe something we could apply right away?



It really went all downhill after that. The last sane thought she remembered was when she registered how soft and moist his lips were against hers.




It was all crazy, but it was that form of crazy that she felt she did not want be without…

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