Drifters Challenge – House 004 (Part 6)


Delilah kept on working hard way up into the third trimester. She felt big as a house but made sure to eat healthy and to stay off the coffeen.


Some days she even worked from home.


All the same, her water broke early one morning and she took a taxi to the hospital since of course “Stefan” did not have a driving license…

2016-04-18_09-30-39Welcome to the family and to the challenge little Erica Drifter!



Something significant changed within Delilah when she held Erica in her arms for the first time. Something softened and became more gooey.


And time flew by so fast. Soon it was time for Erica to age up to a child. Woop woop you young artistic progedy you!


-Welcome there daughter, you do not know it yet. But you will carry a big inheritence on your shoulders. But do not worry, you will do it well!


And I have a big surprise for you: You are going to become a big sister!


Delilah never really believed in this thing that they called love and even less the institution of marriage. But “Stefan” insisted on doing things the right way. They came to a compromise and had a quick cermony in the kitchen.


There were a lot to be said about the traits about an alien, but on his plus-side definitely were that he was really a perfectionist and a neat-freak.


One Saturday Dudley came over to visit and as she realised later: To check up on her. Then she realised that they had not seen each other since that insane period when the aliens first had arrived at her doorstep. It felt like truly eons ago! But she was glad that she now had the opportunity to convinceĀ  him that she was doing more than OK.


Erica was a girl of many talents. She loved to draw, but equally she loved hanging around in the jungle gym.


Delilah had chided herself many times for letting her hormones getting the best of her when falling for “Stefan”. Although everything had worked out just fine in the end it went against all that she believed in to listen more to her heart than her brain. Until she found out that “Stefan” was reknown famous surgeon that more than enough could contribute to the family funds. Maybe that heart of hers had not been totally wrong after all?


One day at work a pleasant surprise awaited her: Ivan had come to the research station to visit her and her fellow collegues. She took the opportunity to appologise to him immediately and finnished off by showing him some family photos. Ivan told her how much he envied her and “Stefan” for their beutiful little family and how much he missed his own that still lived far, far off in the galaxy.


Herr water broke late one Tuesday night and everything went so fast that she did not even have time to get to the hospital.

2016-04-20_08-38-01Everything went well anyway and she could soon welcome yet another beutiful baby-boy into the family!

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