Drifters Challenge – House 004 (Part 7)


It was under a dinner with her brother and his new family Deliah found out that hse was pregnant with her third child. Selma, Dudley’s wife was first to congratulate her.


Their son, Alex was a little shy at first, but turned out to be a really sweer kid.


It felt really odd to be back in her old home. Strange, but very familiar in a way.As she had a hard time leaving things broken around her, Delilah finnished of her visit with repairing the bathroom zink.


As time passed by her scientific focus shifted. From being very focused on micro cosmos under the mircoscope Delilah now looked up and out through her new rised telescope. She was looking for more life out there as her husband and alien “Stefan” had told her about.


She used the satellite disc to try and contact his family, although she admittedly did not try that hard, because she feared that once she suceeded he would leave her….


One of her indoors experiments she could not abandon thoug and that was the cloning machine. When she had got  it to work on a larger scale she just knew she would become a millionaire!


But if truth be told, most of her time she actually spent tinkering with this big machine that she called “The Big Wormwhole Machine”. Not that it led to a wormwhole in outer space or anything. More to a draft on the other side of the portal. But one day she vowed to herself, one day she would get it to work so help her Einstein!

2016-04-21_11-14-03Oh, and btw  here is an image of father and son. Are the resemblence not striking? 😉

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