Drifter Challenge – House 005 (Part 8)

This will be a fairly quick update on what happened the last stretch of the challenge. I simply do not have neither the enthusiasm nor the energy to write a detailed description, so here it is:


Stefan continued working at the hospital as a Doctor and giving his family a steady support each day.


Erica became pregtnant again, for the third time.


So now there were two red-heads Eric and Elias and Erica.


“Stefan” seemed to share some healthy values about supporting the dreams of his spouse so once in a while he actually helped her build on the rocket.


Which actually payed off sinceĀ  finally she was able to travel out in space and visit Sixam, the home planet of her husband.


But in the end, their is no place like home….


At her job as a scientist she steadily rised in tanks. Partly to her creative inventions. But she was also the initiator of the tourist-experience: “Come and let a tourist live the normal human life. Strengthen the understnading and build connections for the future!”. Her “Adoptee” was called Elizabeth in human tongue.


The bond between Delilah and Stefan grew even stronger. They even re-visited the bubbel-bath where it all had begund….


This time around she made sure that she were protected though. Three children were more than enough!


Besides that? Well, a personal experiment turned out to have some unknown consequenses…..


….but Delilah loved to have her clone living with them. Great minds think alike and if she became to obnoxious she could always freeze her with Ray-mond the ray-gun….

2016-05-26_10-14-15And in the end, time flew past as fast as only time can fly and Erica grew up and met this handsome fella named Thomas. But that my freinds is an story to be told on another day!

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