The Author and the Story


-So, how is the story going? the Side-kick asked  the Author.

They were sitting in the cosy pub called The Hawk and the Eagle and it was here all lifes essentials were negotiated and a very frequented drinking-hole.


-Well, you know what? the Author said with a wide grin that just barely reached her eyes. I have the most amazing story I want to write! Just here at the tip of my dongue. 

As if she wanted to physicly illustrate what she  meant The Author folded her tongue and wiggled it.


The Side-kick sighed deeply. She was used to this by now. She loved her freind dearly, but she had seen the symptoms far too often to let it slide.


-You are suffering from a bad case of Procrastinitis hunny, she said gently to her freind. She held up her hand when the Author tried to protest:

– I know you think things need to be perfect. That for someone to read your story needs to be perfect. This simply is not true! If you waiting for perfect you have to wait an eternity.


-How dare you sit on your high horses and think you got the right to decide what we want to read or not? The voice of the Antagonist was  harsh and he was clearly upset working himself up to a crescendo.


The Author looked disgusted at the bowl of popcorn with a bitter taste in her mouth. They were right of course. Both of them were right.

There really were no excuses anymore. She sighed and started to stand up, popcorn that had fallen in her lap started raining down on the floor. It almost looked like eatable snow.


The Author sat down in front of the computer. She composed herself and then she started to write:

“Things had really not gone the way Erica had planned. Not one single bit and now she had stopped believe in love entirely…..”


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