Movin’ On Up || Introduction

When I yelled at my mother,  told her I was never gonna be like her and ran away from the only home I ever had  I thought it was a really good idea. Boy was I wrong! Now I had no money no job and I was alone in San Myshuno.

Welcome to the Movin’ On Up Challenge! A Challenge originally created by the creators behind the Legacy Challenge. You can find the full ruleset here, but in short it is a tweaked version of the Legacy Challenge. You start at the cheapest of cheap apartments in San Myshuno and your goal is to move from apatment to apartment and eventually to the big penthouse in the fashion district. As usual you start with $0 so your life in the big city will not be easy. When you have functionally furnished all rooms in the apartment AND payed a weeks rent you are allowed to move to the next apartment if you can afford it!

Ashara Oswell is freshly out of 17 going on 18 when she has the big fight with her family and decides to show her mother, her father and even the entire world that she has what it takes to make it on her own! The lease she accuired from a internet bulletingboard cost her all her savings and left quite a lot to wish for, but it have at least 4 walls and a roof. The chalkdrawing on the livingroom floor she decieds to ignore as well as the very obvious signs that there are some furry occupants of the apartment as well.  Her traits are: Hotheaded || Snob || Outgoing. Not the ideal traits most would say to make it in the big world. But Ashara is determined to not only survive, but also to totally shine!


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