Movin’ On Up || Chapter 2

As I started to become more and more accustomed to my new life in San Myshuno I also started to develop relationships with the people in this amazing town. I even went out on a semi-casual date with Tim on a really nice restaurant. It was nice and all, but I did not feel any sparks fly. Maybe something will develop in time?

But in all honesty, I was silently relieved that I was not yet romantically involved with anyone. Because after I had earned enough money to buy my own PC, I spent more and more time in front of it, developing my blog. And it payed off! Soon I had over 200 followers!

Then there was the question about the  “nice” chalk-imagery beneath the rug. I had put a flowery rug over it to cover it. After some weeks though a suspiciously odor developed. Luckily I managed to eradicate it by scrubbing on it long and hard with soap and water.

Me vs Dead Guy Stench 1 – o. Yeaj! Goooo me!

To be forced to sanitize big parts of my apartment left me in a foul mood. I found my outlet for my bad temper through my paintings.

Some of them were quite disturbing though….

Other things were quite distracting too. Like this nice looking beu. His name was Cameron and we met on a speed-dejt event organized by the local singles club. I do not know if I will go out with him again, he was a tad childish for my taste. But I definitely had a good time with him.

Some days after the singles-event I finally had scraped together enough money to by myself my very own easel. Woohoo! It was so much nicer and relaxing standing inside in my own apartment than being outdoors in the freezing cold.

This started to turn out to be a really nice apartment. The rent was cheap and I now both had a fridge as well as a shower. What else could a girl wish for? But then there were the small factor of the mice. I saw the first one early one Friday morning, but it soon stood clear that there were an entire mice colony living inside my walls. Urgh!

I had started to make some of my own meals instead of eating out all the time (much cheaper!), but just knowing that these vermins were around made me feel really sick and nauseated.

Finally, after some weeks of agony I called my landlord and asked her to come and fix the problem. She put out several mice-traps around my apartment and that seemed to do the trick.

I was still very upset with her. In the add for a apartment to lease it had said “Needs some TLC”. But quite frankly it had not been stated the extension of love the apartment needed. In my eyes I would consider that fraud. So I told my Landlady what was on my mind. But she only laughed it off  telling me that if I did not like it, I could move out. She had plenty of more desperate people who wanted to come and live where I was living. Bah! Humbug!

To cool of a little I decided it was about time that I got to know my neighbors.  So that afternoon I went out and knocked on some doors.

Most of the people in my building were out working of course. But there was this elderly gentleman living just next to me that was in and who embraced my visit with open arms. He had lived in the same apartment for over 20 years and boy did he have some juicy gossip to share. Really good things to share with my followers!

His kitchen was really nice too. I especially liked the cupboards above the countertops. In my current apartment I could not do anything like this. But I decided that in the next place that would be included!

When I saw two gigi-normous cockroaches crawling on the wall one evening I felt like I had enough.

I payed my bills due, packed my things and never looked back.

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