Movin’ On Up || Chapter 3

The next week I moved to Spice Districtt and into Culpepper House #19. It turned out that what it lacked in charm, it regained in the amount of noice seaping through the very thin walls. There were always some kind of party going on 24/7.

And if it was not people partying they were doing lots of… uhm… other interesting stuff. I am pro-love more than most. But enough is enough! A girl needs to sleep too!

Apparently my noisy neighbors did not appreciate my candid complaints about their nociemaking. Some were more vocal about it than others.

Others just seemed to want to fall through the floor. This lady here for instance. It was like she imagined that if she closed her eyes behind her hand hard enough she would be able to wish me away. Silly girl!

Not that I had much time for freindly chit-chat with neighbors anyways. I was too starstrucked with the view.

OK, it was no Torendi Tower, even if it inhabited a nice balcony. But it was really nice considering the rent Iwas paying for it.




Meanwhile I continued to “date” Cameron. We had a really, REALLY nice time at a meeting with the Singles Club and he had cleaned up really well. Maybe this evening would lead to a kiss after all?

Then a few weeks later, my entire romantic life came crumbling down on me. People had started whispering about me and Cam and not all good stuff. The gossip also said that Cameron was not single at all – but actually married with 2 kids and one bun in the oven. When I confronted him about it he instantly admitted it and I instantly showed him the door.

I buried my not so broken heart in my work. My blog was still not entirely where I wanted it. But via some old school contacts I had managed to land a job as a PR consultant that quickly developed to community managed. Strange how things would work out huh?

I did not really feel lonely, but as time went by I felt that it was time that I gave back to the singles club some of what they had been giving me in their hospitality. So on Saturday evening I hosted a small house party.

The only one showing up was Taggart and he wasn’t really in the moon for company at all. I could not get anything coherent out of him at all. He ate the salad I had made, grumbled a thank you and the went out the same way he had come. Strange man.

But as it turned out I was not as lonely as I had expected. Look who decided to move in with me from my old apartment!

So here I was AGAIN with a non-functioning apartment. My favorite part of the entire apartment was the balcony and here was the area where I usually went over my issues, problems and other bumps in the road.

I loved the view, I had not seen anything like it.

But when the toilet broke for the fourth time that week I realized that enough was enough!





Blogging nook

Sleeping area

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