Movin’ On Up || Chapter 4

It took some convincing (read yelling), but I soon convinced my Landlady that I did not appreciate living with mice and cockroaches as part of my furniture. Luckily there were an aparment just available next door that I could take. Woohoo! Finally no vermin! However, there were something else strange going on. First it was only my old and used PC that broke….

But when my new TV broke the same night, and the toilet AND the shower I started to see a pattern.

I first tried fixing it all myself but it turned out that things broke faster around here than I could repair them. I sighed deeply and called…. my Landlady. I could not help but hearing the sniggering in her voice when I phoned her and told her about the flooding and break-downs. Kind of a: There you go for talking trash about my houses.

I strongly felt that I needed some encouragement and variation in my now quite miserable life. So when my old date Tim called I accepted against better judgement. It turned out that he had cleaned up very good since the last time I saw him. This time I actually felt butterflies in the pit of my stomach when I was flirting with him.

All of a sudden I realised that I really liked having his arms around me. I really did not want this evening to end.

Apparently neither did Tim.

That evening we kissed for the first time.

But it was not the last time. He really had soft lips…

…and his hands. They were simply a Godssend when I had been sitting in front of my computor uptdating my blog and got a stiff neck!

I guess it was inevitable in the end that we would end up in bed with each other. This time around it felt so good  and so right. Maybe, just maybe Tim was the one?

But even if Tim clearly would walk through fire and ice he did not care much for my crappy apartment. Since he had left a fancy apartment at the Fashion District he had some standards. So as a tiny collective we decided to move out again as soon as we had saved up for the deposit.

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