Movin’ On Up || Chapter 6

The first few months living in their new apartment as new parents went past smoothly. Although the bookshelf caused a snatch once or twice… 😀

Despite Achilla being a, from what Ashara could tell a quiet baby, parenthood was exhausting! Achilla found herself taking more than one nap each day. Sleep when the baby sleeps as the experts said. Still, she could not help but feeling that something were off with their new apartment….

And then Achilla age up to a beautiful toddler.

As a toddler Achilla demanded much more out of Ashara as a mother. Constant entertaining for one…

…and Ashara found herself calling in sick to work just because she felt that she had to stay at home to tidy up the chaos.

Achilla was a very strongwilled young lady.She definitely knew what she wanted….

…and not.

Even with her father she threw tantrums off and on, leaving both parents even more exhausted than before.


Despite the hardship they endured as a couple, they still managed to squeeze in some quality time in the closet, when Achilla was asleep.

At first Tim was chocked by the surprising news: They were having a baby again! But then he was overjoyed!

Their corny neighbour was not quite so thrilled.

Since he liked Ashara and her husband, he really tried being happy for her.

He tried really, REALLY hard.

When Ashara asked him what was wrong he first pretended it was nothing. But when she pushed on he broke down and confessed that he hated children and that he really did not like being around them. He assured Ashara though that she had nothing to worry about. As long as her children would not behave as much as children he would be OK with having them around.

Ashara accepted his assurances. But a few weeks later she wondered if she had been too naive. Their corny neighbour had been a little off as long as she had known him. But kept quietly to himself. Now he started to have wild parties everynight, all week long. Especially loud music (or other noices made) just around when Achalli was supposed to go to bed… Some nights was worse than ever and Ashara wondered if maybe he was possessed or something?

This pregnancy was really different from the first.

Mainly because the little tyke managed to kick her in the ribs inside, on two places at the same time.

Tim and Ashara debated a long time if and how they would tell Achilla that she was about to becaome a big sister. Once they told her, she really did not react as well as they had hoped.

The water broke early one Wednesday morning and after that everything went very fast. Almost too fast. They barely made it to the hospital in time, and they met Achillas babysitter in the staircase running down to the waiting cab at the main gate.

Achilla was as they had suspected a little bit perplexed about the pink naked mouse in the crib.But she soon grew very fond of the idea of being a big sister. Her first little sister was named Bronwyn….

….and her second baby sister was named Breti. Yup! Ashara and Tim gotten twins!

Ashara had hoped that things would calm down among her neighbours. But it seemed that as time went by things only escalated. It eventually turned very sour one evening when one of her freindly neighbours came and complained and was offended that he could not sleep because Brit and Bronwyn was screaming to loudly. His behaviour was so unlike him that she once more toyed with the idea that the place were cursed.

Her own response when the enough was enough kind of confirmed her suspicions about a curse. She had a hot temper, but this….?

-Hear now Mr! We have enjoyed some great afternoons solving sudoko together and I have endured your nightly adventures, although this building has very thin walls. But this is to take it too far! You get what you want! You will not have any babies crying anymore! We are moving out first thing in the morning!



Achilla´s room


TV “room”

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