Movin’ On Up || Chapter 7

Sorry folks for the delay. I have been crazu busy with family stuff and with school work. And to add to that I just found out that I had deleted some of the images I planned to use for this update 🙁 So it will be a somewhat truncated update. But since this is very much a “toddler-update” I guess it will be OK with just lots of visuals. Enjoy!/Anna


Living with two toddlers in the house were a lot different than when we, Tim and I just lived with one.

For one, it seemed that they created well over twice the mess than just one toddler did.

And secondly, the sound-level reached unlogical proportions when Beti and Brannwen played together. We could easily have harboured an entire football team!

But there were some quiet times too.

But not very often.

At times it got so crazy that Tim sought refuge in the bathroom just to be able to drink his coffee in peace and quiet…

The twins were so intense together that I at times felt that Achalli got lost in all this. She was a bit goofy, but rarely made me raise my voice.

She was a avid student and often came home with A+ on her tests.

When she played it was usually by herself, drawing something or playing some imaginary games in her own fantasy world. I just prayed that she still would feel that I had been a good and present mom when she was all grown up. I guess that only time would tell.

As the kids grew older Tim would take them downtown to the Spicemarket and play some basketball with the kids at the  weekends. This gave me some space to focus on my paintings. I had worried quite a bit when I quit my work as a part-time simtuber and started as an underpaid intern at a local artgallery. But the peace I felt each month as I got the paycheck and the happiness that sang i n my heart everytime I stood in front of my easel made it all worth while!


Kitchen and studio

Childrens roo, pic 1

Childrens room, pic 2



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