Set Up

Step 1. Angel of Hope

Choose a world of your own liking that will serve as your former home: The gated community of Angel of Hope. This world you can leave as it is or completly re-model if you like. Your active Sims may travel to this world if he or she likes. But it will cost dearly. More about this in the section about ZZZ.

Step 2. The Outlands

Then choose which other world you want to use as your main world. Choose wisely, because your Sim and the heirs after will spend a great amount of time there. Choose what small section of the world you want to call your neighbourhood.  You can choose any world, but my suggestion is that you choose Oasis Springs due to that it is the most “Apocalypse-like” world at the moment. Evict all Sims and Bulldoze all lots.

Step 3. Home

a) The starter-home

Choose what little quadrant in chosen home-world that you will call your own. This will from here on be called “The Network”
Build your home after the following restrictions:

  • The building may only be 8X8 and nothing outside it.  Everything should be roofed, you may build a small patio though that does not have to have walls.
  • Only 1 floor + a cellar allowed.
  • You are allowed ONE of each as long as it is of the worst quality kind. Nothing may cost more than §1000. Only the cheapest windows and doors allowed (<§100) When you home is furnished  reset fundings to zero. For information around nightmare settings have a
    • Bed
    • Refridgerator (Cooler if you have Outdoor Retreat)
    • Radio
    • Bookshelf
    • Sink
    • Wastebasket
    • Toilet
    • Lights (The simplest one)
b) Your neighbours homes

Build and furnish the other free lots in your Network just as above your home.

c) Your neighbours
Inhabit t

4. Your Founder

Decide if you want an Easy, Hard or Nightmare start.

  • Easy: Choose what career you want to start with, then create (or download) a #Wonderchild of your liking suited for the choosen career. Create your house after set restriction (See above)
  • Hard: Create or download  a #Wonderchild of your liking. Randomly choose career by rolling a dice ( is good). Roll a number between 1 and 20 (Naturalist may not be lifted at start). Locate your career at the Restriction Index.  Build your house and reset the money to 0. Open command console with ctrl-c then enter ‘Testing Cheats on’ without the quotes and hit enter. Then ‘Money 0’ without the quotes and hit enter
  • Nightmare: Create a fresh Young Adult, randomly choose your career by dice rolling. Buy your lot and reset your fundings to 0 as above.

Looks are btw all up to you! CC allowed!

Now your setup is done and it is time to start playing!

Universal Rules —>



You can choose to keep the choosen neighbourhood inhabitants and housing (Its not that you will actually get to see their houses for a long, long time) if you want to. But there are some severe restrictions: Only single Young Adult and Adults are allowed! So either you split the Pancakes up or else you delete everyone and start from scratch (MC Command Center has a command that alloes you to remove all sims but your active sim!). Dont worry about an empty neigbourhood! The game will fill it out eventually!  You can also use the “adoption-method” (See below), or place sims out from the Gallery. NB! This is the ONLY time you are allowed to do so before the Management restriction is lifted!  If you want to,  you can move Sims in to be your neigbours, but it is not necessary. What you need though before you start is at least 30 homeless, non-played Young Adults or Adults male or females . You can either have the game setting  on “Move in into Empty Houses” or let the Mod MC Command help you move them in after a week. The choice is yours.  If you want to, bulldoze all lots in your chosen “hood”, if you like to build an apocalyptic town from scratch, or let the neighbourhood be as it was with exception of the Founder Home (Newcrest is the exception of course). Don’t forget to leave some room open for ccommunity lots. You will not be allowed to visit community lots like the library etc from start, but you may still want to make room for them! After you have lifted some of the restrictions you are allowed to place some of the commnity lots (A Museum after you completed the Patron of Arts for example). You are free to place community lots wherever you like, even in you chosen Network! Here you can also choose how immersive you want your game to  be. To what extent have the apocalypse set its tracks on the homes of other sims? Is it the true Outlands or a broken Suburbian?). It is all up to you and your imagination!

The Adoption Method

A tip I got from another player: You sit down your sim in front of the computor to adopt a child/baby, but cancel the adoption. The game will still generate 9 different kids with a single parent! Then it is easy to edit out the children and voila you have 9 new random singles.