The Apocalypse Challenge

Still as many years as 25 after the big implosion, the effect from the bomb was still scarring the inhabitants of the sim population. Over 35% of the Sims had fallen victim to the toxic radiation that rode in with the  shockwave of the bomb. Some directly, some in the adverse effects of the radiation many months after. Then came the plague. It snuck up to the allready weakened Sim population and those who were not immune to it just fell asleep one night and did not wake up the morning after. Only those carrying the gene Srg19 (Or as it was called in common tongue: The Rainbow-gene) causing skin and hair to take up a more colourful palette seemed to have a resistance to the plague, reason unknown. The decimated population  woke up to a new world and regimen where clean water healthy food, space and electricity was a luxury only afforded by a fragment of the population. Those from the right bloodline or those who had money enough to bribe the right officials lived in gated communities and lackednothing, but a blue sky above. But the good life comes at  a very high price. To keep the size of the population down a cermony and a lottery was held each year to randomly (some suspected otherwise though) select 4 from each gated community to leave their sheltered home for the Outlands. The City Council raved about what an honor it was to be chosen, but everyone still knew that to chosen meant a painful death. Noone had ever left for the Outlands and returned….

And here we are now. You are the “Chosen One” from the AngelHope Colony. With only the clothes you wearing and a well worn backpack filled with notes and letters from your freinds and relatives from the colony you are now ready to embark on this new part of your live s journey. The question is:

Will you Perish or will you Thrive?

Continue (if you dare)….