Universal Rules


  • Only one restriction/generation can be lifted
  • First generation: Only the Founder can lift a restriction in the first generation.
  • Second generation and further on Heir, Spouse and Spares may be the ones lifting a restriction.
    • Founder = Your starting Sim
    • Heir = Your firstborn and who will carry on your bloodline (Exceptions: see below)
    • Spare = Any child born after heir (If Author/Medical is lifted allowing more than one child). They are allowed to lift an restriction, but are NOT allowed to marry or continue the bloodline. If Diamond Agent/Police is not lifted they are not allowed to be moved out.
    • Spouse = Anyone who have ever been married (and still living on the lot) may be considered a spouse. Divorce is allowed. If your spouse dies before completing the bloodline you are allowed to remarry.
    • Children by the Heir not born into the household, but who are moved into the household before they are teens by parental marriage MAY lift a restriction but not carry on the bloodline.


  • Only children born into a challenge household can become heirs.
  • Under normal circumstances the firstborn are the one to inherit the honor to continue the challenge
  • If the heir dies before s/he has produced a prodginy one of two things apply:
    • If there is no spare living in the household to continue the bloodline the challenge is lost. Sorry.
    • If a spare is living in the household, the spare can continue as a stand-in heir. If a restriction has been allready lifted no other (career) restriction may be lifted
  • No adoption allowed!


Marriage & Move In

  • The only way that you can add a new Sim to your household is through birth or marriage (ie the “marry” interaction to move in a spouse). You cannot ever use the “Move In” interaction, even on potential future spouses.
    • You may only marry in a sim who will be bringing in the next generation (provided they don’t die before hand)
    • If the married in spouse has dependent children and no one to leave them with in their previous household, the children HAVE to come with the spouse.
    • If a spouse dies, you may marry another spouse as long as they are going to bring in an heir or a spare.
    • Only ONE spouse per generation may lift a restriction.
    • Spares may not marry in a spouse.
      • Exception – succession
        • The heir dies without having any children so the spare then becomes the heir.
  • If a sim who has topped out their career is moved in, that restriction category is immediately lifted upon the birth of the next heir or spare provided that sim is married to the current heir. But only if a restriction has not allready been lifted!
  • If the Spouse brings items to the family that is not yet allowed s/he has to put them into the Family inventory.
    • With the exception of books.

Game Settings

  • Lifespan: Normal
  • Aging: On for All
  • Free Will: On
  • Weather & Season: Only for flavour and very optional! Suggested mods for Fall and Winter can be found here and here. Restrictions conscerning seasons can be found here!
  • Demographics: Before Hoplessness is lifted only Young Adults and Adult sims are allowed! After Hopelessness is lifted marrige and pregnancies may happen as per ususal.
  • Storyprogression: Totally allowed (See the Mods and CC section for suggested mod for a solid storyprogression)!


  • If your family has broken any rule or restriction due to a rule change, you do not fail the challenge.
  • Objects that were allowed that are no longer allowed due to a rule change may be sold via buy mode without penalty.
  • No-value objects may be “sold” no matter restriction lifted.
  • It is OK to play with same-sex couples if you like. But you have to decide from Day 1 who you want to be the the Target and who to be the Initiator, This is then not to be changed until challenge ends.
  • Skill Items like Chesstable and a guitar may be added at the time of your planned lifting of a specific restriction. If you fail to lift a restriction you have lost the challenge anyway… Only the one lifting the restriction may use the item until restriction is lifted.
  • You may NOT age up sims days before their actual birthday with the Birthday Cake.
    • If sims are allowed to use the Birthday Cake or have a Birthday Party, they must do so on the day they would be aging up anyway.
    • The EARLIEST you may age up a sim is immediately after you get the message that the sim is having a birthday that day.

Cheats & Mods

In general, cheats and mods are ONLY allowed if they can be considered to not give an unfair advantage to the initial intent of the challenge!

You are allowed to:

  • use cheats and mods to fix glitches
  • use story progression to keep a living population
  • create an immersive believable world
  • create the opportunity for same sex pregnancy

You are NOT allowed to:

  • have more than 8 sims in a household
  • prolong lifespan
  • add extra money
  • create static needs etc

For more info see the page Mods & CC

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